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PRO Partner Group will help you to find all the information you need to know about choosing your trade licence, deciding where to set up, and the processes and procedures involved. You are likely to find, however, that it’s never as simple as it may seem, and the help of a business set-up company can ease a lot of headaches, save a lot of time, and free you up to concentrate on the running of your business.

PRO Partner Group is a business set-up company in the UAE, with years of experience in helping business get off the ground. We are well-connected within the industry and with the government departments needed in the process. We offer services for part or all of the process, from finding a UAE national sponsor to getting your trade licence, as well as guide when it comes to weighing up all the set-up options for your commercial activities.

To set up outside of a free zone, you will need to either have sponsorship from a UAE national sponsor or sign a Local Service Agreement with a local service agent.

UAE National Sponsor

If setting up an LLC or a public or private shareholding company, you will need the sponsorship of a UAE national or IAE-owned company, who holds 51% of the shares in your company. This national sponsor acts only as the local sponsor to obtain and renew the licences, visas and work permits relating to the company and its employees. They will not necessarily take 51% of the profits, and many companies enter into a side agreement with the sponsor where a percentage is agreed. This will need to be renewed annually in line with your trade licence.

You will need to draw up a local Agency Agreement with the sponsor to submit for the full trade licence, and agree on the terms of the partnership in the company’s MOA.

Local Service Agent/ National Service Agent in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

If setting up a branch company, sole proprietorship or civil business, you will need to sign a Local Service Agreement detailing the relationship and the obligations of the owner and the agreement; it must be authenticated by a notary public within the UAE. This needs to be arranged before applying for the full trade licence.

A local service agent does not undertake any financial obligations concerning the activities of the company’s branch or office within the UAE or abroad, and does not get involved in business matters. Their role is confined to providing such services as: obtaining of visit/ residence visa, acquiring of the necessary licences, and facilitating the processing of transactions with the government authorities. The local service agent is remunerated with a lump sum amount, the subject of an agreement between him and the company.

For further information on Local Sponsor or National Service Agent in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, please contact us on +971 (0)4 456 1761 or email us at or click to complete our contact us form.