Abu Dhabi Notary - Location and Process updates

Abu Dhabi Notary - Location and Process updates


There have been a couple of updates involving the Abu Dhabi Notary and its process that PRO Partner Group have been made aware of recently. Please see the below points for more information:

Duration - As standard, Power Of Attorney (POAs) are valid for a maximum of 3 years from the time of notarization. However, delegated POAs will now only be valid for the period that is left on the master Power Of Attorney at the time of the delegators notarisation.

Location - The Notary are now rolling out a new online process in order to reduce the burden and level of traffic at the Notary. As of Sunday 14th May only Power of Attorney documents can be Notarised at the Chamber of Commerce Notary. All other documents are reverted to the online system and then Notarised at the DED Notary or Main Court. As far as we are aware no official communication has been made on this so far.

I​f you have any further questions on this subject please call our office on 024484810 or visit our website: www.propartnergroup.com

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