All You Need to Know About the Abu Dhabi Road Toll Gate System

All You Need to Know About the Abu Dhabi Road Toll Gate System

To ease congestion at peak hours and to entice individuals to utilise public transport, the Abu Dhabi government have introduced toll gates on all major bridges in and out of Abu Dhabi city. 

We cover all your questions; how to apply, what are the costs, how to avoid fines and more below:

Where are the Abu Dhabi toll gates located?

There are currently four toll gates which are located on all bridges in and out of Abu Dhabi island, these include; Sheikh Khalifa bridge, Mussaffah bridge, Saadiyat and Maqta bridges.

How do I get charged for passing through an Abu Dhabi toll gate?

Similar to Salik in Dubai, the system will be an auto payment system as you pass through a toll gate, you will be charged each time you pass through a gate.

How much do I get charged when I pass through an Abu Dhabi toll gate?

It was recently announced that the charging system has been amended, drivers will now only be charged AED 4 during peak hours during the week free outside of these hours, weekends and public holidays. Peak hours have been classified as 7am to 9am and 5pm to 7pm Sunday to Thursday. There will be a cap on fees to AED 16 per day and AED 200 monthly. If a driver passes through a toll gate without sufficient balance they will receive an AED 50 fine if the tag is not topped up within five days.

Can I use my Salik for the Abu Dhabi Toll Gates?

No, Salik is not compatible with the Abu Dhabi toll gate system, a separate tag will have to be purchased. If a driver fails to register their vehicle they will be at risk of fines up to AED 10,000. Drivers who pass through the gate without registering their vehicle will be given a grace period of ten days – if they fail to register after the 10 day grace period is up, a fine of AED 100 will be given for the first offence, AED 200 for the second offence, AED 400 for a third offence and up to AED 10,000 for further offences.

How do I register for an Abu Dhabi Toll Gate Tag?

The vehicle must be registered with Department of Transport website

Any car registered in Abu Dhabi will receive free registration however, vehicles registered outside of the Emirate will be charged an AED 100 registration fee, AED 50 of which will be used as credit. To register car registration details and Emirates ID are required.

How do I check my Abu Dhabi Toll Gate balance?

Each time a driver passes through a toll gate they will receive an SMS which will highlight your remaining balance. Motorists can also check their balance on the portal and top up the balance accordingly.

Are there any individuals which are exempt from being charged for the Abu Dhabi Toll Gate?

Certain individuals may be exempt from paying for the toll gates, these include retired UAE nationals, senior UAE nationals and people of determination – however these individuals must apply for exemption at the ITC Customer Happiness Centre. Other vehicles that will not be required to pay for toll gate pass are; public transport, taxis, school buses, electric cars and government vehicles.

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