How do I set up a Healthcare or Medical company in UAE?

How do I set up a Healthcare or Medical company in UAE?

The healthcare sector in the UAE is growing just as it is around the world. The tax-free environment of the UAE, along with one of the world’s strongest economies, make it an ideal location to open a healthcare business.

Spending on medical care is expected to top AED100 million by 2021.

Much of the growth in the region comes from a move to preventative care and new interest in specialist care. For foreign investors and entrepreneurs, now is the time to open a healthcare company in the UAE, including Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

The businesses you open can include a healthcare facility, a specialty practice, or a medical instrument importation business. While these healthcare businesses are diverse and often require different licensing, many of the steps are the same.

UAE Ownership Rules

A foreign investor cannot own a majority stake in a healthcare company in the UAE. This means that every “foreign-owned” business in the UAE must have 51 percent local ownership in an LLC (limited liability company). Since this is the structure of most health care businesses in the UAE, this is an important rule.

To establish a business in the UAE, you’ll either need a local partner or you’ll need to establish one. PRO Partner Group can take on the role of secure local partner. You still retain control and management of the business, but you would be able to easily meet the requirements of the law.

Setting up your business in UAE

We’ll take you through a review of work to do to set up a medical business in the UAE. Most of the resources are the same in Abu Dhabi as Dubai, but there might be some slight differences in agencies and the forms are often different.

If you’re not sure about what you need to do and how to get it done, you can contact us at PRO Partner Group (PPG). We’re happy to guide your through the process or handle everything for you.

Establish the legal structure

Most businesses of this type are Limited Liability Corporations (LLC). This structure will allow you to take on a local partner easily and provides some protection from lawsuits and debt.

You will need to register your business. Your paperwork will reflect the local majority ownership that you establish and will give you a legal business in the UAE.

Different medical businesses in the UAE

If you’re planning on putting a medical facility in the UAE, you’ll need to get the medical staff registered and submit plans for the facility. Everything needs to be approved before you move forward with construction.

If you’re planning to import and sell medical equipment or pharmaceuticals, every device and drug must be approved by the UAE Ministry of Health (MOH) Drug Registration and Control Department.

At this point, the two types of businesses diverge.

Once the medical facility plans are approved, you need to notify the MOH when your facility will be available for inspection. Once the facility is approved, you’ll need licensing for the facility. This will include paying of applicable fees and giving the MOH your trade license and a list of medical services, prices, and details of your waste management plan.

For importation, you need a local authority to handle the registrations filed on your behalf. You need to supply ISO 13485 certification for every facility involved in the manufacture of medical devices, signed and notarized. You’ll provide a detailed company profile, a list of products that are being manufactured by each site, and manufacturing licenses for the facilities from the countries of origin. If a device or drug is not pre-approved, it won’t past customs.

Now you’re ready to open your business in the UAE and be part of the massive growth in the healthcare sector in the Emirates.

Enlisting help with business registration and creation

There are a number of steps to creating a business in the UAE. The rules also vary between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Knowing how to keep the paperwork flowing, get past any impediments and the business open will often require experience. At Pro Partner Group, we have that experience.

We can be the majority partner that the law requires without changing the direction of your business or causing any legal issues. You still have complete control of business.

Our team are experts at getting your business registered. We help with the importation of products, meeting all MOH guidelines, and guarantee there’s no slow-down in the process.

This expedited registration is the biggest advantage to making PPG your UAE business partner. We get your doors open and the business making money faster than if you handle everything yourself.

How can PRO Partner Group help?

For assistance in setting up a Healthcare or Medical company in UAE and for any other assistance in setting up in UAE or entering the market in Dubai or Abu Dhabi please contact a member of the team at PRO Partner Group by completing the contact form below or call us on +971 (0)4 456 1761 in Dubai or +971 (0) 2 448 5120 in Abu Dhabi.

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