How do I setup a renewable energy company in UAE?

How do I setup a renewable energy company in UAE?

The future of energy is renewables. Millions of entrepreneurs around the world are starting renewable energy companies to move our energy supply into the 21st century.

UAE is one of the most dynamic places in the world for renewable energy companies. Each year, Abu Dhabi is host to the World Future Energy Summit. The 2020 summit in mid-January was the largest in the world. Already, the next summit is planned for 18 - 21 January 2021.

Register your renewable energy company in UAE

As with all other businesses, renewable energy businesses need to register to operate legally.

Below, we present a list of the steps you need to take to get registered. Many start-ups hire a business management company, like PRO Partner Group, to get the documents completed and to deal with relevant company formation and corporate governance matters.

Steps to setting up a renewable energy company in UAE

  1. Determine the legal form of the business and ownership - There are some restrictions in Dubai regarding how much local ownership is needed to register for an energy company. There are free zones that don't restrict foreign investment.
  2. Register a trade name - Obviously, you can’t use a name that’s already registered in UAE.
  3. Establish an office - You will need a physical location in UAE to operate from and to register.
  4. Incorporate - The Department of Economic Development will help you incorporate.
  5. Apply for a trade licence - This is a standard form for creating a business.
  6. Get approvals - You’ll need to get approvals from the necessary regulatory bodies. This can include a power generation license.
  7. Labour registration - Register with the Labour and Immigration Departments.
  8. Bank account - Open a business bank account.

The documents for an energy sector company

While much of the documentation for an energy sector company is the same as any other company, there are special licenses that you might need to obtain.

The best way to make sure that you get the right licenses and approvals is to trust your PRO Partner Group representative to guide your through the process. You can do it, but any missed documentation can set you back months or years. Such a delay will often jeopardize your funding sources.

How can PRO Partner Group help?

For assistance in setting up a renewable energy company in UAE and for any other assistance in setting up in UAE or entering the market in Dubai or Abu Dhabi please contact a member of the team at PRO Partner Group by completing the contact form below or call us on +971 (0)4 456 1761 in Dubai or +971 (0) 2 448 5120 in Abu Dhabi.

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