Dubai Municipality (DM) Cosmetic Products Registration Process UAE

Dubai Municipality (DM) Cosmetic Products Registration Process UAE

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What is Dubai Municipality registration for Cosmetic Products?

DM registration for cosmetic products is designed to ensure consumer safety and quality. The process of registration allows the Consumer Products Safety Section (CPSS) of Dubai Municipality (DM) to gather adequate information to assess the safety of the products. No product can be manufactured, imported, exported, advertised, sold or distributed in Dubai unless it has been registered in accordance with DM regulations.

The Dubai government regulates the manufacture, sale and import of products by requiring that all products are registered with DM prior to being sold in Dubai. The regulations also requires the company to be correctly set up and licenced with the DED in Dubai with the correct product trading activity.

Validity of Dubai Municipality Product Registration

Once the product is registered the registration of a product is valid for 5 years. Product registration can be extended after that 5 year period with a renewal process.

What are the steps to get Cosmetic Products registered with Dubai Municipality?

Step 1: Setting up a Company
The company must first be correctly set up and licenced with the DED in Dubai with the correct shareholder structure and product trading activity.

Step 2: Registration of the company with DM (Dubai Municipality)
The company must complete the detailed application forms with DM to register the company itself with Dubai Municipality. DM must approve the registration.

DM charge a one-off company registration fee of AED 525 per application.

Step 3: The Company then submit their products for labelling assessment
The company will apply for labelling assessment for their products within each category type and provide Consumer Products Safety Section (CPSS) with sample of each product category and each label design in detail.

CPSS will review the labels and issue a Labelling Assessment Report that contains product description and details along with remarks for modifying the label if necessary.

Labelling of the Product 
It is vital that the company conforms to the standard labelling information compliance. All companies, including manufacturers, importers, suppliers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers are obliged to ensure their products comply with the mandatory information labelling standards set out by DM.

The labelling must detail any and all ingredients to which public may be allergic or which may cause an adverse reaction. The labelling must also be standardised so that different products can be comparable.

The followings are the required components that must be declared in clear English or Arabic language:

  1. Product name
  2. Brand name of the product
  3. Manufacturer detail
  4. Country of origin
  5. Ingredients
  6. Size or Weight of the product
  7. Production & expiry dates or/ Period After Opening (PAO) date (best before date)
  8. Storage conditions: unless it is clear from the product name, instructions of use or health warning
  9. Industrial code of product (Bar-Code) & batch number
  10. Medical claims are not allowed
  11. Product benefits are allowed
  12. Pictures - illustration which is inconsistent with social customs or values shall not be used

Based on these conditions, the health inspector/officer from CPSS will withdraw any product that does not comply with the specifications mentioned above and issue fines to the violated individuals.

Within the Labelling Assessment application form, the following aspects should be filled with details and numbers:

  • Serial Number
  • Product name
  • Brand
  • Country of Origin
  • Batch Number & Bar Code
  • Country of Origin

Step 4: Pay fees to process the registration – government fees and PPG product service fees

Dubai Municipality and government fees

Dubai Municipality charge AED 250 per product for cosmetic product registration

DM can refer the product for laboratory test (depending on the product or on a case by case basis).

Laboratory test charges will apply in this case and will be extra.

DM will charge around AED 1,250 per lab test needed – depending on the product type and depth of testing required.

PPG can assist with laboratory sample submissions and results collection – PPG fees are addition AED 500 per laboratory sample submission.

PRO Partner Group (PPG) Product Registration Assistance Fees

PRO Partner Group can assist to register the company with Dubai Municipality under the relevant activity.

PPG can then assist to register the individual products with Dubai Municipality.

PPG fee are charged based on value of products to the registered at the same time. Each product type is considered as a separate product for processing purposes and will be undergo a single registration process.

The PPG fees are based on product type and the company activity and structure. Please inquire below for our detailed fees lists for DM company and product registrations.

How long does it take to complete DM Product Registration?

Once we have received the complete list of required documents and information process for DM Product Registration takes around 10 to 15 working days to process the application and to obtain the registration certificate.

If the product requires laboratory testing then then it will take additional 20 working days.

The approval of the product registration is subject to Dubai Municipality authority. The processes can change and there can be delays within the DM processing system. PPG will keep the client updated at all times to ensure timely processing of the product registrations.

What are the documents required to undertake DM Product Registration?

  1. A valid UAE DED LLC trade licence – with the correct product trading activity
  2. Certificate of Free Sales (CFS) – the document stating that the product is freely sold in the country of origin, issued and attested by the Governmental authority in the country of origin. This is not required for locally manufactured products - UAE origin statement will be obtained for this.
  3. Analysis report – containing details of the product – e.g. colour, smell, pH, odour etc
  4. Laboratory Test Report - from country of origin (If required)
  5. Ingredients report - amount of each ingredient with percentage, concentration and CAS Number
  6. Goods Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certificate
  7. 2 samples of each product in the same category
  8. Product Packaging Artwork

Note that other information or documents may be requested by Dubai Municipality for the purpose of processing the application.

  • Certificate of Free Sales (CFS): The certificate must be from the country of origin and issued by the health authority or similar recognised body. The CFS should be current at the time of submission and request may be made for the original to be seen. An attested and legalised true copy can be obtained – PPG can assist to undertake the attestation process for you. The Certificate of Free Sales is a document to indicate that the product is freely sold in that country.
  • Laboratory Test Report/ingredient report: A test report that indicates the content of certain heavy metals including Mercury, Zinc, Arsenic, Lead, Chromium, Cadmium, together with a preservatives and microbiology test from an accredited laboratory either in the Country of Origin or from Dubai Central Laboratory is obligatory. A list of accredited laboratories worldwide are available under website URL:
  • Analysis Report: The document must be obtained from the Manufacturing Company of the product. This document provides all the necessary information on ingredients and chemical and physical properties of the products.
  • Ingredients Report: The document must be obtained from the Manufacturing Company of the product. This document provides all the necessary data regarding ingredients concentration, percentages and CAS number.

How can PRO Partner Group assist?

Cosmetic product and other consumer product registration with Dubai Municipality is essential in order to sell and trade products in Dubai and the wider UAE. The process can be very administrative and complicated. At PRO Partner Group, our team of expert advisors can help you set up the correct licence, activity, and approvals, register the company with DM and then assist with direct product registration. For more information please get in touch with us on +971 (0)4 456 1761 for Dubai or +971 (0)2 448 5120 for Abu Dhabi, email us at or complete the contact form below and we will be delighted to assist you.

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