A Guide to the Dubai Future Accelerators Programme

A Guide to the Dubai Future Accelerators Programme

- Greg Hastings

What are Dubai Future Accelerators?

In 2016, the Government of Dubai launched ‘Dubai Future Accelerators’ (DFA), managed by the Dubai Future Foundation (DFF), an initiative aimed at finding entrepreneurs, private sector organisations and talented individuals that can provide innovative solutions to local and global challenges of the future.

DFA hopes to attract people with technology skills and creativity to collaborate with the DFF in turning Dubai into a global proving ground for emerging technologies. The initiative consists of a nine-week programme which pairs technology companies with leading government organisations to find innovative solutions to issues which are considered important to the future of Dubai. It is intended to be a means to understand emerging technologies to better anticipate and navigate possible futures.

What is the Dubai Future Foundation?

The Dubai Future Foundation was established as a supportive ecosystem, where entrepreneurs, innovators and tech companies can access funding and resources such as accelerator programmes, incubators, labs, regulatory sandboxes and knowledge platforms to help imagine and design the future of Dubai.

It is comprised of thirteen councils which regularly meet to discuss the future of key sectors in Dubai. These meetings bring together government entity officials with experts in different fields deemed of importance to the future development of Dubai’s economy.

The focus of these meetings is on five strategic areas:

1. Future, foresight and imagination

This is the research part of the foundation which uses emerging technologies to anticipate future scenarios for Dubai and the world.

2. Content and knowledge dissemination

This branch of the foundation curates and disseminates the latest scientific research, technology breakthroughs, social commentary and current affairs.

3. Capacity building

This area hosts and supports initiatives that help build important future skills, such as ‘One Million Arab Coders’, a programme to develop digital literacy among the Arab youth and prepares the next generation of technology experts.

4. Future design and acceleration

This takes concepts and turns them into reality by providing a testing ground for new technologies and new approaches.

5. Future experience

This area of the foundation uses the Museum of the Future to showcase what’s possible. This creates buy-in and inspiration which in turn leads to more participation.

What benefits does Dubai Future Accelerators (DFA) offer to entrepreneurs and tech businesses?

Getting an ambitious idea off the ground requires a lot of help. If you have the skills to leverage emerging technologies to solve a common problem but need funding and support to make it a reality, then the Dubai Future Accelerators programme may be the answer. The programme provides entrepreneurs, start-ups and established tech companies with a supportive environment to turn their ideas into reality.

The initiative offers key benefits, such as:

• direct access to important decision makers in government and the private sector to speed up approvals or to help with funding.

• Important insights on local and regional markets to understand where opportunities exist and how to scale effectively.

• A variety of networking opportunities to meet the right people to support the idea.

• Mentorship by industry leaders and business experts.

How can I apply for the Dubai Future Accelerators programme?

By visiting the Dubai Future website, you can look at some of the previous challenges that the DFF has supported, and you can apply directly for any current open challenges by registering on the site.

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