How do I reserve a company Trade Name in UAE Dubai Abu Dhabi

How do I reserve a company Trade Name in UAE?

How do I reserve a company Trade Name in UAE?

There are several steps in order to incorporate a company in the UAE. One of the major steps is to Reserve a Trade name.

Once the activity or multiple activities have been chosen, and the appropriate type of entity has been decided upon a Trade Name can be applied for.

There are many considerations to understand when choosing a Trade Name and whether it can be accepted by the DED. Below is a selection of the main points however for a full list contact PRO Partner Group for a full understanding.

  • The trade name shall not be already reserved for the same activity or any similar activity.
  • The trade name shall not include any form of religious wording such as the word of “Allah”, “Lord” “God” or any of the God’s Names.
  • The trade name shall not contain any profanity or discrimination.
  • The trade name shall not be identical or similar to a local or global brand, or trademark registered in the Ministry of Economy. Example: (Samsung, KFC etc).
  • The trade name shall not carry the name of any countries and governments and shall not indicate the global political organizations; sectarian or religious affiliation. Example: FBI - Mafia, etc.
  • It is not possible to reserve a trade name beginning with the word "Universal", "Middle East", "International" or have this in the Arabic translation.
  • Reservation fees shall be paid within 72 hours from the issuance of payment permit.

The trade name reservation is valid for 6 months. After 6 months If the customer fails to issue the commercial license; the trade name will be automatically cancelled at the end of the reservation period.

The Company may use the trade name of another company which provided the franchise to the Company; provided that the franchise contract shall be submitted to the DED.

DED has the right to cancel or change the trade name if the name is similar to an existing trade name, or if the trade name does not take into account the applicable terms and conditions.

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