LLC Company in Abu Dhabi

Limited Liability Companies (LLC) are one of the most common types of corporate commercial entities that entrepreneurs and corporations can establish in the UAE. With a quick and easy process, and a broad range of business incentives, LLCs are widely preferred by entrepreneurs and corporations that want to penetrate the UAE market and establish a solid footing in the Middle East region.

The current law on commercial entities in UAE requires Limited Liability Companies to have at least one or more local sponsors or Emirati partners. This means the local partner/sponsor(s) must own a minimum of 51 percent of the shares in the LLC.

At PRO Partner Group, we understand that some foreign investors might be concerned about this arrangement and the thought that another individual will hold more than half of your company. As such, we have developed a secure and trusted nominee structure for LLC company formation in Abu Dhabi that ensures the interests of our clients are fully protected in accordance with the law.

If you choose to partner with PRO Partner Group, we will be the Emirati partner of your LLC company, ensuring you can run your day-to-day business operations without any interference. This set-up also removes any pressure for you to independently find and maintain a trustworthy and reliable local sponsor relationship.

How is an LLC Company in Abu Dhabi Set Up and Structured?

One of the key advantages of an LLC setup is that foreign partners have limited liability exposure due to their share in the total investment capital. The Emirate of Abu Dhabi requires no specific minimum share capital amount, and Commercial Law has stipulated that the capital should be adequate for the company’s needs.

Exceptions to this rule include activities such as real estate and recruitment since these can only be completed by 100 percent locally owned entities. Our company formation specialists will advise you on the best way to structure your business based on the activities you wish to undertake.

More Information About LLC Company Formation in Abu Dhabi

  • No required minimum capital investment
  • No local corporate tax
  • A Trade Licence is only issued for LLC entities that already have a proper physical office or business space
  • Any document written in foreign language should be translated into Arabic by a legal translator and duly certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Justice, for companies incorporated abroad.

Benefits of Collaborating with PRO Partner Group

  • We will use our full expertise and experience to manage all required documents in order to set up your business in a timely manner. This involves visa applications, licenses, labour quotas, professional translation services, and opening of corporate bank accounts.
  • With us as your service provider, your General manager can freely manage your company’s daily operations without any form of interference.
  • PRO Partner Group does not hold an interest in your profits or turnover. Right from the start, a set fee will be legally agreed upon to ensure stability and to make it more financially efficient.
  • You will have consistent access to ongoing services and round-the-clock support through our corporate office in central Abu Dhabi.
  • Access networking partnerships with key local contracts and government agencies.
  • In case you decide to end your partnership with us, we will be sad to see you go but rest assured that we will still assist you in either terminating the license or in transferring the shareholding to another sponsor as seamlessly as possible and without penalty.
  • At PRO Partner Group we always make sure to provide you with honest answers, transparency, consistent reliability, and feasible timelines, so you are fully informed and updated at all times. 


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