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Finding office space to rent in Qatar

Your office space in Qatar will be determined by your business and licensing requirements. Whether you are licensed in Mainland Qatar, Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) or in a Free zone – Qatar Free Zone (QFZ) or Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP) you will be required to have an office space.

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How much office space do you need in Qatar? What is the minimum square footage?

The square meters / square footage office space requirements differ slightly from Mainland to Free Zones in Qatar.

  • In Mainland Qatar, the general rule is to allow for 6 square meters (64 sqft) per person.
  • In QFC there is no minimum square footage space requirement, but office space must be taken up in a building centre approved by QFC.
  • In QFZ there is a minimum 10 square meter (108 sqft) requirement. This is linked to individual visa allocations meaning 1 visa = 10sqm.
  • In QSTP there is a minimum 45 square meter requirement.

What is the cost of office space in Qatar?

The cost associated with office space in Qatar will vary, as it will depend on factors including the minimum square meter requirements connected to your license and number of employees.

There are some cheap office spaces for rent in Qatar as Qatar has started to widen their portfolio for office options.

What are the types of office spaces in Qatar?

Qatar has expanded its real estate portfolio for business set up in Qatar. A variety of office space/ commercial leasing options are available to suit all business requirements.

Office / Lease Agreement

Taking up a lease agreement in a building within Mainland jurisdiction in Qatar which is fully private and fitted as per your preferences and requirements. You have the control over choices for furniture and fittings.

Virtual office space in Qatar

If your license allows, you may have the option to take up a virtual office space in Qatar. Virtual offices provide you with an office address, reception services, networking opportunities and access to meeting rooms when required.

Co-working/Shared Offices in Qatar

Co-working and shared office spaces are becoming an increasingly popular option in Qatar.

They offer more flexibility and are ‘ready to go’ fully serviced spaces that are fitted with essential office materials, furniture, desks, meeting rooms, appliances, and WiFi.

How can PRO Partner Group assist?

As part of the process of setting up a business in Qatar, we will discuss what your office space requirements are as per your commercial licensing. We will be able to arrange your office space in Qatar as we are well-connected with reliable real estate agents, shared offices, and virtual office space providers.

We can also then assist with company support services including company HR documents and templates, Payroll Service, accounting & bookkeeping, Bank Account Opening and other ongoing business maintenance requirements in Qatar.

If you would like to discuss your company set up and office space requirements in Qatar then please contact our team T: +974 (0)44 788 765, M: +974 (0)55 755 358 or email and we would be delighted to assist. 

Office space requirements in Qatar

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