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News & Updates

  • Dubai says 80% of private sector workers must work from home -

    Last night Dubai economy announced, that all private sector companies and commercial establishments should have a minimum of 80% of their employees working remotely from today until Thursday 9th April. This excludes pharmacies, cooperative societies, grocery stores and supermarkets.

    This is a another precautionary measure to protect the public from the spread of Covid-19. For the full article click here

  • COVID-19: Medical fitness test waived, residency visas to be automatically renewed for labourers, domestic helpers in the UAE -

    From today all medical fitness centers across the UAE will be temporarily closing as a precautionary measure against Covid-19.

    Medical fitness tests will be waived for labourers and domestic workers needing to get their residency visa and labor permits renewed. This automatic renewal only applies for establishments and domestic helpers. For the full article click here

  • Unpaid leave guidelines for companies and employees in UAE amid coronavirus crisis -

    To reduce the financial impact of the new coronavirus or Covid-19, many businesses are considering unpaid leave arrangements with their employees.

    “The UAE Labour Law is silent on unpaid leave arrangements. As there is no legal mechanism for unpaid leave, the general view is that it is not permissible without the consent of the employee, which is to be given freely. In other words, an employer cannot unilaterally impose unpaid leave on an employee but they can request and seek the agreement of an employee to move to an unpaid leave arrangement,” Jessica Ashford, Deputy CEO of PRO Partner Group, told For the full article click here


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