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  • The UAE Armed Forces signed 12 contracts worth AED5.58 billion at the International Defense Exhibition and Conference IDEX. -

    The Armed Forces awarded six contracts valued at AED4.42 billion to local companies, international companies won contracts worth AED1.16 billion

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  • Abu Dhabi’s University of Artificial Intelligence and the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israeli have joined forces to harness new technology to drive forward advancements in key fields such as healthcare and genomics. -

    The programme will collaborate on research, training and students can exchange initiatives that will encompass machine learning, computer vision, neural sciences, computational biology and more.

    A recruitment drive will be launched for highly qualified researchers and staff to support the programme.

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  • Companies across the GCC rush to launch new products as sectors begin to see growth and recovery from the global pandemic. -

    Industry insiders state companies have adapted to the post Covid-market and have transformed to become ‘brick and click’

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  • Abu Dhabi’s global tech ecosystem, Hub71 has raised over AED185 million in capital for new businesses since its launch in 2019. -

    Hub71 is a flagship initiative of Ghadan 21, a programme designed by Abu Dhabi to help drive the emirates development through investing in business, innovation and people.

    The hub has selected over 100 start-ups to join their community.

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  • The UAE’s investment in Agriculture Technology (AgTech) has accelerated massively over the past year since the coronavirus pandemic highlighted the need for food security and for food to be produced locally. -

    AgTech start-ups are working hard to come up with solutions that will be a vital part of the UAE future food security system. For the full article click here

  • Start-up businesses in the Middle East & North Africa attract 256 local and international investors in 2020 -

    Despite the on-going pandemic, investors have continued to pour money into start-up companies in the MENA region, including venture capitalists who have invested over $1 billion.

    FinTech was the most popular sector for investors in 2020 - 63 firms invested in mobile and online payment solutions.

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  • All Abu Dhabi students aged 12 and over must undergo PCR test every two weeks -

    Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) released new guidelines for children in private schools stating they must take a PCR every two weeks if they wish to continue with face-to-face learning.

    Each school will receive swabs for free as well as a designated screening center on specific dates.

    This rule applies to teachers and support staff as well.

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  • DP World and Nakheel Mall have partnered to open huge UAE wholesale trading hub -

    Souk Al Marfa is set to open in April with 2,500 shops and pavilions along the seafront of Deira Islands.

    The retail hub will offer traders the benefit of 100% foreign ownership, full repatriation of capital and profit, no restrictions on movement, logistical ease, and ancillary amenities such as warehousing, office space, showrooms, retail & F&B facilities, and the potential to ship and import directly to the pavilions.

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  • Deal between Abu Dhabi's National Petroleum Construction Company and the National Marine Dredging Company is complete after receiving all required approvals -

    The merger of NPCC and NMDC will create much larger engineering and construction company specialising in oil and gas and marine dredging work.

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