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PRO Partner Group Regional News and Updates - Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Wider UAE, Oman & Qatar

  • Following the Qatar Accord, EgyptAir plans to add a daily flight to Qatar back on their schedule and may add a second flight if there is demand. The date for this is still to be confirmed. -

    Egypt will reopen its airspace to Qatari flights and national carriers from both routes will continue.

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  • A new agreement has been signed between Dubai Tourism and the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs - Dubai (GDRFA) to facilitate the process of issuing resident permits for various investor programmes and speciality visas. -

    Visas that falls under this new agreement are, Distinguished Guests and the Virtual Working programme, Golden Visas for investors and Retirement Visas

    The aim of the strategic partnership is to provide online services and platforms that facilitates the issuance of the various residency visas.

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  • New entertainment hub, Al Qana, is on track to open its doors in Abu Dhabi this year -

    Al Qana includes The National Aquarium, The Bridge Wellness and Lifestyle Hub, Cinema City Al Qana, Pixel eSports, Gaming hub, and dining and entertainment activities.

    Al Barakah International Investment, announces the hub is 90% complete and will be ready to open to the public soon

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  • Abu Dhabi adds Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait to their no quarantine ‘Green List ‘ -

    So far the UAE Capital has 17 countries on their green list, this means individuals arriving into the emirate will not be required to quarantine.

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  • Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority RTA is implementing new regulations for motorcycle delivery drivers -

    After individuals have received their license, they must undergo further health and safety training with RTA to become a registered delivery driver.

    Delivery drivers using a motorcycle will now be required to obtain an occupational work permit from RTA. The new work permit includes comprehensive guidelines for delivery service such as type of transport, size of delivery boxes, tariff and location of delivery, medical and police clearance, training for drivers and mandatory protective uniforms.

    These new regulations come due to the significant increase in demand in deliveries and to promote public health and safety.

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  • Dubai South Freezone has gained 650 new companies despite the impact of the pandemic on the economy -

    The freezone has succeeded in attracting 650 new companies as well as leasing 945,488 square feet of business park during 2020, despite the pandemic.

    Dubai South set out a number on economic stimulus incentives, such as flexible payment plans with instalment schemes, waivers of penalties on late renewal, and cancellation of contracts and licenses. In addition, everyone operating within the freezone received 20% off license fee renewals, whilst new customers in the aviation, e-commerce and logistics sector had their license fees waivered for the first year.

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  • Dubai Government issue a 5th stimulus package worth AED 315 million to support the economy -

    The additional AED 315 million raises the total amount of measures introduced by the emirate to AED 7.1 billion – the decision was made based on recommendations from the Dubai Economy Support Committee.

    The package extends the validity of some initiatives announced in the previously packages, giving an additional 6 months from January 2021 to June 2021.

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  • The new accord between the UAE and Qatar is expected to benefit the UAE real estate market significantly -

    The new accord between the UAE and Qatar is expected to benefit the UAE real estate market significantly

    Industry experts predict the real estate market could be one of the biggest winners from the new deal with Qatar.

    Qatar is known to be an important investor internationally, specifically within the GCC - The removal of all restrictions will create a free flow of capital which would create a positive outcome for the regional property market.

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  • Residents stuck outside of the UAE for 6 months or longer have been granted an extension of 3 months to return -

    Normally if a UAE resident is outside the country for longer than 180 days, then their residency visa will automatically be cancelled. Due to the pandemic last year and countries closing their borders, this rule was changed as people were physically not able to travel back into the country.

    The deadline was set at 31st December 2020, this has now been extended until 31st March 2021. Residents returning to Dubai are still required to get approval from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs GDRFA.

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