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  • Abu Dhabi confirms a significant drop in Covid19 cases since screening initiatives began -

    On Tuesday 4th August 2020, the Government revealed new figures that show a fraction of people testing positive for the virus in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

    Abu Dhabi City – 0.3% recently screened had the virus

    Al Ain – 0.6% recently screened had the virus

    Al Dhafra – 0.4% recently screened had the virus

    Case figures below 1 per cent are regarded as a significant marker in tackling the outbreak.

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  • Updated satellite maps of Dubai and Abu Dhabi taken by KhalifaSat are now ready for viewing -

    The maps of Dubai and Abu Dhabi have been updated using high-resolution images captured by KhalifaSat, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) announced on Tuesday.

    The UAE’s first high-resolution satellite imaging system called ‘Mosaic’ pieced together individual digital images to create a single high-resolution picture of the UAE terrain.

    The system is part of the MBRSC’s efforts to support federal and local government entities, research and academic institutions as well as the private sector in understanding the geography, topography and environmental impacts of large areas in the UAE more accurately.

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  • Pre-departure Covid19 testing has been introduced in the UAE by VFS Global in UAE -

    It has been announced that anyone flying out of the UAE to selected countries must have a negative coronavirus certificate to board the plane.

    In line with this new regulation, VFS Global, one of the largest visa outsourcing companies in UAE has partnered up with the Ministry of Health and Prevention to introduce a pre-departure coronavirus testing and anti-body kit for those planning to travel outside of the UAE.

    This new service began on the 3rd August 2020 in the UAE and can be done either at a certified laboratory in Dubai, Ajman or Sharjah or individuals can choose the option to have a ‘at your door service’

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  • UAE Schools start to reveal reopening plans for September -

    Following the recent announcement giving schools the green light to reopen, school boards have been working hard to figure out the best way to welcome back students. Some schools have started to share their plans with parents and students on how things will operate in September.

    Safety measures for reopening were previously announced by the UAE education authorities, a format ‘model’ will need to be decided by each school, this will be based on whether the school will be having full days or split days for their students. The model will need to be submitted and approved before reopening in September.

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  • Eid Al Adha 2020: Rules around family gatherings in the UAE -

    UAE Authorities continue to restrict big gatherings, including EID Al-Adha celebrations

    Dubai police have confirmed that large gatherings especially during EID will be prohibited. Individuals will be allowed to visit first and second-degree relatives but the maximum amount of people to a household should be five.

    Fines will be given to those organising or attending big gatherings.

    • AED 50,000 fine against the host
    • AED 5,000 fine against each attendee

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  • Travel Insurance to enter the UAE must cover all Covid-19 medical emergencies -

    On 7th July 2020 Dubai started to welcome back tourists and visitors. As part of a precautionary measure the UAE has made travel/health insurance mandatory.

    Travel insurance must clearly state that ‘emergency medical expenses’ are covered during a ‘pandemic’ the policy must mention it covers Covid-19 or Pandemic. Typically, insurance should cost around AED 200 for 30 days, this can vary depending on the company and type of insurance you purchase.

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  • Oman to introduce VAT in early 2021 -

    Oman is currently the biggest Arab oil exporter outside of OPEC in the Middle East and with recent downward movement in oil price and pre-existing economic strains weighing heavily on the fiscal revenue outlook, adjustment measures in Oman have become even more urgent.

    Although it is never a good time to introduce Value Added Tax, this new tax revenue is expected to boost Oman’s economy by $780m. This should offset some of the pressure on the fiscal deficit in Oman, which will nonetheless remain wide at over 12 percent of GDP.

    Moody’s has revised its Brent crude price assumptions for 2020 and 2021 to an average of $35 per barrel and $45 respectively.

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  • New rules for Covid testing requirements on arrival in Dubai Airport from 1st August -

    Currently all nationalities are required to take a PCR test upon arrival in Dubai.

    Emirates airlines have confirmed that from 1st August only the passengers from the below countries will be required to undergo a PCR test in either Dubai International Airport or Al Maktoum International Airport on arrival.

    Afghanistan, Armenia, Brazil, Bangladesh, Djibouti, Egypt, Eritrea, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Montenegro, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Russian Federation, Serbia, Somalia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and some select airports in the United States.

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  • Covid-19 PCR test mandatory for all arrivals in the UAE from August 1st -

    The UAE have announced that from the 1st August 2020 PCR tests will be implemented at all UAE airports. This new regulation includes citizens, residents, transit passengers and tourists regardless of the country they are flying from.

    Citizens and residents travelling from the UAE to the European Union including the UK will be required to take a PCR test in the airport before boarding the flight.

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