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  • Oman reopens land borders with GCC countries -

    Oman reopened land borders with neighbouring GCC countries allowing Omanis and residents to cross the borders for work purposes, however it is mandatory for residents to provide proof of work at the border check points.

    Oman’s Supreme Committee, also allowed the reopening of mosques but with a capacity limited to 100 worshippers for the five daily prayers. Commercial activities will now be open including gyms, health clubs, marriage halls and sports grounds. The permissible entry is restricted to 30% capacity or not more than 300 people at a time. Shopping complexes and cafes are to remain at 50% capacity, while children are now allowed to enter malls and shopping centres.

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  • Covid-19: Dubai to be next big health tourism destination, DHA official says -

    According to Dr Marwan Al Mulla, CEO of the Health Regulation Sector at the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), Dubai is set to be the next big health tourism destination.

    With the emirate’s high vaccination rate boosting visitors’ confidence and the government strategy to promote Dubai as a global medical hub and an increased investment in the health sector, the emirate is expected to attract 500,000 medical tourists this year, as per a study by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

    In 2018, the city received about 337,000 medical tourists. Orthopaedics, sports medicine, dermatology and skin care, dentistry and fertility treatment are the top specialities attracting health tourists to Dubai.

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  • New plan to make Dubai public transport emission-free by 2050 -

    According to the Road Transportation Authority (RTA), Dubai is planning to make public transport emission-free by 2050.

    The objective is to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions by 8 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to saving about Dh3 billion by 2050.

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  • UAE petrol prices for June 2021 announced -

    Drivers and Motorists in the UAE will see an increase in fuel prices as of June 1st.

    Fuel prices are heading towards a record of 27.32% surge since February 2021.

    The UAE fuel price committee has announced that the new petrol and diesel prices will increase. Super 98 petrol will cost Dh 2.38 per litre, compared to February’s price Dh 1.91.

    Fuel prices had barely changed since February, regardless of the increase in crude oil prices, which was being traded at $50 a barrel in January, which was a result of the economic activity in the world’s largest economy, the US and some parts of the EU

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  • Abu Dhabi to bring 60% of employees back to government offices from 30th May -

    According to the Abu Dhabi Government, staff who are vaccinated and are able to show active icons on the Alhosn App will be exempt from regular Covid-19 tests.

    As a result of this change, Abu Dhabi will bring back 60% of its Government employees to the office. Those who are aged 60 and above and those with chronic diseases and compromised immunity can continue working from home.

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  • Dubai Coin relaunch an ‘elaborate phishing scam’ government says -

    According to the Dubai Government, the Dubai Coin, a digital currency could be used for purchasing goods is a scam.

    A website was created and was used for stealing personal information from its visitors. After a relaunch, the Government stated that the Dubai Coin, Cryptocurrency was fake and it is not backed by any official authority.

    The value of the Dubai Coin rose from 14-fold from below $0.09 per coin on Tuesday to as high as $1.35 on Wednesday.

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  • UAE driving licence can now be exchanged for UK version -

    As of May 20th, those who are relocating to the UK will not have to repeat their driving test if they are coming from the UAE.

    Drivers who have passed their test in the UAE can now exchange their licence for a British one.

    These rules have been extended to other countries such as Taiwan, Ukraine and North Macedonia. The recent changes are primarily for Emiratis and expat student for expat who studied in the UAE and wish to return back to their country.

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  • Live entertainment, weddings and community sporting events are back on in Dubai -

    According to the Dubai Media Office, those who wish to dine out in restaurants can now have 10 to a table and 6 for those in cafes.

    In addition to the latest change, concerts and social institutional events are now coming back. However, there are strict guidelines which states that attendees and participants have been vaccinated.

    For indoor events, 1,500 people are now allowed to gather, and for outdoor events the capacity is 2,500.

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  • Office markets in Dubai and Abu Dhabi remain favourable as rents fall -

    Commercial office rents in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have declined by 7% in the first quarter.

    Those who have companies registered by the Department of Economic Development (Onshore) have a greater advantage of those who do not, when it comes to securing office space to the drop in rental fees.

    According to a report by Knight Frank, the drop in office rents have now significantly affected the average cost per square metre (SQM) - in Dubai, the average is Dh1,033 per SQM and in Abu Dhabi Dh897 per SQM.

    This is the lowest level recorded since the third quarter of 2012, with Covid-19 and more companies allowing working from home being the main reason behind this drastic decline. We do expect these levels to begin to rise as business confidence comes back in the region, and due to the phenomenal vaccine roll-out programme in the UAE.

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