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How to form your company in the UAE?

There are several methods by which a foreign investor can set-up their business in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. These company types are similar in Oman and Qatar and across the GCC but with subtle differences and local rules and regulations surrounding each entity. Utilising our experience and expertise, PRO Partner Group will help you determine the best fit for your company.

PRO Partner Group provides a complete range of company set up solutions to help entrepreneurs turn business ideas into full-fledged companies. We combine our in-depth knowledge of government regulations and international standards with experience in the Middle East market to accelerate the company formation process and deliver valuable services that benefit our clients. Beyond our expertise, we have the Team to accomplish even the most demanding setup tasks in time. We have a full specialist department whom you can trust to deliver fast, reliable formation solutions and a management team that is committed to providing personalised service to each and every client.

In addition to helping with the setup and incorporation process, our team can also assist you in integrating the right talent to your team. We can facilitate and manage the employment visa process for your employees, taking the stress away from you and ensuring a swift and efficient transition for the team.

For different types of company set up, see below

    Limited Liability Company (LLC)

    Limited Liability Companies (LLC) are one of the most common types of incorporate commercial entities that entrepreneurs and corporations can establish in the UAE. With a quick and easy process and a broad range of business incentives, LLCs are widely preferred by entrepreneurs and corporations that want to penetrate the UAE market and establish a solid footing in the Middle East region. 
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    Branch Office

    Setting up a branch office of a foreign company in Dubai is easy and an attractive prospect as it can be 100% foreign-owned, provided a local service agent (like PRO Partner Group) is appointed. A branch office in Dubai, is an extension of a foreign parent company registered outside of the UAE, it is a full-fledged business, permitted to perform contracts or conduct other activities as specified in its license. A foreign branch office may only be engaged in activities similar to those of its parent company. 
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    Trade Representative Office

    If your foreign company is looking for exposure in the UAE market, you may want to set-up a Trade Representative Office. This type of representation is useful in promoting a foreign company and introducing your products to UAE companies as a non-trading ‘shop-window’. 
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    Professional Service Licence

    A Professional Licence/ Civil Company  (sole trader or partnership) / is a business for professionals in recognised fields such as consultants, doctors, lawyers, engineers and accountants. A Professional Licence can only practise professional business and is 100% owned by the individual partners. 
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    A foreign investor can set-up a company in the UAE either in one of the many Free Zones or the UAE mainland. Free Zone Authorities are the government bodies that register and issue business licences to non-resident companies in the UAE free zone. Free Zones allow corporate structures to have a physical presence in the UAE, allows 100% foreign ownership and offers prebuilt facilities and modernised one-stop-shop registration and administrative services. 
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