Libbie Burtinshaw

Meet Libbie Burtinshaw - Head of Operations

Libbie is Head of Operations for PRO Partner Group, her and her team assist clients from the formation of the company through to the onboarding of staff and the duration of the company’s lifecycle, making sure each business is compliant with UAE laws and regulations. Libbie controls the regulatory processes from the outset and, with the assistance of our able team of Client Relationship personnel and Government Liaison Officers, ensures all processes are completed in a timely manner.

Libbie’s greatest attribute is being able to truly understand the needs of her clients and possesses the unique ability to identify her clients requirements by asking the relevant questions, evaluating their needs and then implementing the necessary skills and services to service them with the upmost quality. Libbie believes in the core values of honesty, respect, integrity and ensuring peace of mind for her clientele. Libbie has a BA Hons degree in Journalism.

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