All You Need to Know About EXPO 2020

All You Need to Know About EXPO 2020

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There is less than a year to go until the anticipated EXPO 2020 opens its doors to the public and enthusiasm is certainly in the air! EXPO 2020 is expected to attract up to 30 million visitors over the six-month span, most of which will be international visitors. Dubai is intending to offer one of the most interactive and awe-inspiring EXPOs to date and is on its way to fulfilling the goal.

What is EXPO 2020?

EXPO 2020 is part of World EXPO which is a global exhibition held once every five years initiated by the Bureau of International Expositions and has been running since 1928. World EXPO is a platform that allows for over 200 nations to come together to exhibit culture and achievements of their country across many themes.

The theme for EXPO 2020 is human brilliance and achievement through three key sub themes: Opportunity | Mobility | Sustainability which allows for individuals from numerous parts of the world to connect and experience different culture, art, science, technology, innovation, invention and geography.

The UAE Vision 2021 will be celebrated throughout EXPO 2020 which supports tourism growth, innovative UAE business opportunities and boosting Dubai as a key global business hub.

Where is EXPO 2020?

EXPO 2020 will be the first World Expo hosted in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. EXPO 2020 will be hosted in Dubai at a 4.38 square kilometre site located near Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai South; a purpose-built development created to cater to EXPO 2020.

What can you expect at EXPO 2020?

Visitors will be spoilt for choice with everything EXPO 2020 has to offer and the experience will certainly be unforgettable. EXPO 2020 will not only be home to 192 impressive country pavilions, visitors can choose from over 200 restaurants, 60 live shows a day and over fifteen hours of daily entertainment.

Every visitor will be taken aback by the extraordinary architecture of the EXPO 2020 site and the country pavilions, innovative landscaping throughout wraps around the site which focuses on the sub theme of sustainability. The art and culture hub will allow you to experience art from all over the world whilst the three thematic districts will take you through a journey of technology and innovation. EXPO 2020 will truly be a unique culinary, cultural, musical, art and technology driven experience.

How can I register for EXPO 2020?

EXPO 2020 will run for 6 months from 20th October 2020 to 10th April 2021 and will be open to the public seven days a week from 10am to 1am. Pre-registrations can be done online with tickets being officially available from April 2020 onwards

How much are EXPO 2020 tickets?

One Day Ticket – AED 120 per person

Three Day Ticket – AED 260 per person

Seasonal & Monthly Passes – Prices not yet announced

Discount Eligibility:

School Programs for Students – AED 50 per child

Youth (Aged 6-17) – 50% discount

People of Determination – Free

Caregivers of People of Determination – 50% discount

Children (Up to 5) – Free

Seniors (65 plus) – Free

How will EXPO 2020 will help boost business in the UAE?

To date, EXPO 2020 has already generated an expected AED 38 billion in revenue and is expected to generate approximately AED 84 billion across the lifespan of EXPO 2020 from 2015 to 2021 which is a massive boost to the country’s economy.

With millions of expected visitors, EXPO 2020 will drive business in key industries, open new doors for business and will enhance employment opportunities across the country. Industries which will see immediate advantages are:

  • Real Estate: With increased job opportunities and temporary staff over the six month EXPO period, accommodation demand will be at an all time high. In addition, funds for construction have been injected into the country to ensure city planning requirements are met.

  • Infrastructure & Transportation: To ensure that the city’s infrastructure can handle the huge influx of EXPO 2020 visitors, billions has been committed to expanding, upgrading and improving major road networks across Dubai. This includes the public transport network and Dubai’s major international airports.

  • Hospitality & Tourism: With an expected 25-30 million visitors to EXPO 2020, the hospitality industry will certainly benefit. Hotels have already begun making renovations, expanding and adding additional addresses to the portfolio to increase keys.

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