How do I register a commercial drone licence in UAE?

How do I register a commercial drone licence in UAE?

Drones and aerial photography are the latest thing around the world. From real estate companies to wedding photographers, wildlife enthusiasts to professional photographers, it seems like everyone has a drone.

In order to fly your drone in the UAE, even for personal purposes, you must register with the GCAA (General Civil Aviation Authority) and DCAA (Dubai Civil Aviation Authority).

PRO Partner Group helps you get all of your paperwork done faster and with a lot less hassle than doing it yourself.

In this article, we provide you with a checklist of actions you need to take. Do these in order and you’ll be ready to use your commercial drone.

Set up your business

If you’re going to operate your drone in the UAE for commercial purposes, you need to register your business. Once you have a legal business entity, go through the process of registering your drone.

Registering your drone with GCAA

To obtain your Unmanned Aircraft Operator Authority (UOA), you need to provide the GCAA with several documents:

  • Security clearance issued by GCAA
  • UA Operator Registration Letter - Printed on company letterhead
  • Subscribe to GCAA E-publications - You’ll need proof that you’ve subscribed.
  • Proof of Insurance - You are required to carry a minimum of liability insurance (AED 3.67 million)
  • Pass the UAE GCAA exam. You can’t operate a commercial drone without this step.

Registering your drone with DCAA

If you’re going to fly in Dubai, you need to be registered with DCAA.

  • Register for an Operator Training Certificate Program
  • Pass the program and get your Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) certification
  • Register your drone with DCAA. Submit the following:
    - Company name
    - Company address
    - Trade/commercial license
    - Emirates ID
    - Passport copy with Visa page (non-national)
    - Passport photo on a white background
    - RPAS make/model
    - RPAS photo
    - RPAS serial number
    - Proof of insurance
  • No Objection Certificate from DCAA - This is an extensive form that requires a significant list of documents.

Depending on where you plan to fly your commercial drone, you need to get clearance before a flight.

Getting ready to operate

This is the paperwork part of creating a commercial drone enterprise. Often, other documents and actions need to be done to open your business.

PPG can make this all easier. We handle the paperwork, ownership issues, and even getting you approved to fly. Give us a call. Let’s get flying.

How can PRO Partner Group help?

For assistance in registering a commercial drone licence in UAE and for any other assistance in setting up in UAE or entering the market in Dubai or Abu Dhabi please contact a member of the team at PRO Partner Group by completing the contact form below or call us on +971 (0)4 456 1761 in Dubai or +971 (0) 2 448 5120 in Abu Dhabi.

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