A guide to remote document Notarisation over Webex in Abu Dhabi

A guide to remote document Notarisation over Webex in Abu Dhabi

- Jade Wong

What is a Notary and why is necessary to get documents notarised in Abu Dhabi?

In the UAE the Notary public is authorised to witness signatures on legal documents and other essential records, to verify the identity of individuals and to guarantee that the individuals execute their records openly and properly and enter into agreements knowingly and willingly. The Notary will also check that the content of the documents conforms to UAE laws and guidelines for the agreements between individuals and companies.

Notarisation is required for the verification of mainland UAE legal documents and corporate contracts and constitutional documents and is essential for the licencing process for companies, and conveying of correct Powers of Attorney to and from individuals.

Why is it necessary for documents to be notarised in the UAE?

In the UAE, contracts are drawn up for a variety of reasons. These include buying or selling products, establishing new companies, conveying powers of attorney or creating a will for example.

This requires the services of a UAE Notary. In the UAE, there are both public and private notaries. They notarise documents such as:

  • A Memorandum of Association (MOA) for a Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • A National Service Agent (NSA) agreement for a Foreign Branch Office
  • Board Resolutions (BR) and Shareholder Resolutions (SR)
  • A Power of Attorney (POA)
  • Wills, Deeds and Trusts
  • Medical documents
  • Declarations (monthly income, NOCs, receipts, waivers)
  • Mortgage, sales and purchase contracts

If the document is to be used outside the UAE then once the process of notarisation has been completed it must further be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then certified by the embassy of that country where the documents are needed.

As a result of temporary closures of government departments in the UAE due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Notary public in Abu Dhabi brought in video conferencing and online meeting services provided by Webex to allow the signing of documents and witness of signatures to occur online. This service was then expanded to allow individuals in remote locations to be able to notarise documents without having to travel physically to the Notary public.

How to Notarise a document in Abu Dhabi via Webex

With the online notary service in Abu Dhabi, you have to submit all your documents online in advance of the notary appointment.

The document(s) that are to be notarized need to be initialled on each page and signed on the execution page by all parties.

An e-signature is acceptable if a face-to-face meeting with the relevant parties is not possible. The document(s) are then uploaded to the Abu Dhabi notary portal for pre-approval.

When pre-approval has been given, the time and date of the appointment can be scheduled. Once the meeting is scheduled, a link will be received which can be clicked on at the confirmed date and time.

During the Webex online signing, you will need your passport and Emirates ID.

The signings are booked in 15-minute slots, but in practice the process is very straightforward and usually only takes a couple of minutes, since the documents have been pre-approved and the notary is just confirming the identity of the authorised signatories.

After the online appointment, the organiser will receive the notarised electronic version of the document. This has a QR code on the back which is evidence of its authenticity.

For more information on Legal Document Notarisation Services in the UAE and How to get local company documents Notarised in the UAE, click these links for further information.

How can PRO Partner Group help?

PRO Partner Group assist companies and individuals with the drafting and preparation of documents for local UAE notarisation, arranging pre-approval and physical and remote notary appointments as well as foreign document attestation services.

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