How do I get local documents Notarised in the UAE Dubai Abu Dhabi

How do I get local documents Notarised in the UAE?

How do I get local documents Notarised in the UAE?

Notary services are available in the UAE with either public or private notaries in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or other Emirates.

Appointments can be made at the notary public offices directly or through the online notary system – the system is separate for either Dubai or Abu Dhabi. The Abu Dhabi online notary system will require the documents to be uploaded and approved before a physical notary appointment is scheduled.

In some cases, you can also request the Notary public to visit you at your home or private office, this is done by requesting a specific appointment.

General requirements for notarising a document in the UAE include the following:

  • Original document to be presented - must be in Arabic or dual language side by side text
  • The person(s) signing the document must have the relevant powers to sign and provide supporting documentation and identification
  • The document must conform to the relevant UAE laws
  • All persons signing the document must be physically present

The notary public will review the document, witness the signing of the document in question and will verify the identity of the signatories.

Note that video call notarisation is also possible during the current COVID travel restrictions – please ask us for further information on this.

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