How to obtain a UAE Green Visa

How to obtain a UAE Green Visa

- Libbie Burtinshaw

How to obtain a get a UAE Green Visa

The Green Visa is a 5-year UAE resident visa which comes into effect from September 2022.

Following other newer and popular long-term visas such as the Golden Visa introduce back in 2019, the Green Visa allows a longer-term residency in the UAE, and is aimed at investors and skilled professional – with lower level requirements generally than the Golden Visa regime.

Who can obtain a Green Visa?

The below categories of foreigners can obtain the Green Visa by the UAE government.

1. Skilled Professionals

Skilled professionals can be granted this five-year residency without a sponsor or employer.

Must hold a minimum educational level of bachelor’s degree or equivalent.

Salary should be AED15,000 or higher.

The applicant should have a valid employment contract that is classified as per the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization in the first, second or third occupational level.

In alignment with the occupational levels required see below the outline of levels 1 through 3 listed on the United Arab Emirates Government Portal.

Level 1: Legislator (lawyers), managers, and business executives

Level 2: Professionals in scientific, technical, and human fields

Level 3: Technicians in scientific, technical, and human fields

2. Freelancers and Self-Employed

Minimum education level should be bachelor’s degree or equivalent.

Annual income should be greater than AED360,000 over a two-year period for self-employed individuals or be able to provide evidence of financial solvency throughout the applicants stay in the UAE.

3. Investors and Partners

Much like the other longer-term residency permits, the Green Visa has been put in place to attract investment into UAE commercial activities. This category has increased from previous 2-year validity to the now 5-year validity.

• Proof and approval of investment.

• The total capital will be calculated if the investors has more than one licence.

• Mandatory approval of the local authorities.

 What are the main benefits of the UAE Green Visa?

The UAE Green Visa is greatly beneficial to the UAE government. It will attract and retain professionals in these three above categories.

The Green Visa also provides more incentive for applicants to choose the UAE by providing benefits for visa holders (and their families) making it a very attractive residence visa option.

• Holders of this visa can sponsor male children of up to 25 years

• No limit for holder’s daughters

• Children of determination granted visa regardless of age

• After visa cancellation, a grace period of up to 6 month is allowed

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