What are the benefits of setting up an ADGM SPV

What are the benefits of
setting up an ADGM SPV?

What are the benefits of setting up an ADGM SPV?

ADGM’s SPV regime is regarded as a highly flexible and cost-effective solution for structuring asset holdings and investments. The regime offers business owners and asset holders greater freedom while allowing for separation of financial and legal risk. Under the direct application of English Common Law, SPVs follow companies’ regulations rather than separate regulations which ensures consistency across all corporate vehicles.

Key features of the ADGM SPV include:

  • Fast efficient set-up process via PRO Partner Group
  • Highly competitive fees and transparency of pricing
  • No office required based on an agent being appointed
  • Registered companies are permitted to apply for a Tax residency certificate to benefit from the UAE double tax treaty network
  • Variety of legal structures availableNo restrictions on the number of shareholders
  • Common law jurisdiction
  • Independent ADGM courts
  • Independent regulatory framework
  • No attestation required for corporate documents
  • Shelf SPVs permitted

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