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Do I have to be in Qatar in person to register a business in QFC?

No, the registration process can all be done online. However, you will need to be in Qatar in person to process The Qatar ID and this will need to be done by the SEF (Senior Executive Function) of the company within 3 months of the company’s incorporation.

What legislative system does QFC operate under?

QFC has a legislative system that is based on English Common Law with an independent court, regulatory tribunal, and dispute-resolution centre.

Are there any restrictions or taxes on transferring profits back to my home country?

No, QFC offers 100% tax-free repatriation of profits and returns for shareholders.

Do I need a local sponsor to set up a company in QFC?

No, QFC allows 100% foreign ownership. There is no need for a local partner.

Do I have to register my staff with the Wages Protection System?

No, registration with WPS (wage protection system) for employees is not required.

Is having office space a requirement for company incorporation in QFC?

Having an office on the premises of QFC is not mandatory. Office space can be leased by the client in ServCorp, Regus or any other business centres on QFC’s approved list.

How long does it take to register a business in QFC?

The incorporation process takes approximately 2 weeks for an individual or 4-6 weeks for a subsidiary setup.

Are there any business activities which are not permitted?

The activities which are not allowed are any kind of trading activities, manual professions, or commission-based businesses.

Which authority should I file my taxes with?

The filing of taxes is to QFC tax authority not the General Tax Authority.

How much does it cost to open a corporate bank account?

The Initial deposit to open a corporate bank account with the Commercial Bank of Qatar is QAR 100,000. This is significantly less than the usual QAR 500,000 charged to companies incorporating in other jurisdictions.

Will QFC help me with opening a business bank account?

No, the QFC does not help the client in opening a corporate bank account. It must be done by the client him/herself or a designated third party.

Can I change my office address after I’ve registered my company?

The commercial office should be chosen at the initial stage of the application, prior to the set up. Otherwise, an amendment fees of USD 200 will be applied for changing the office address.

If I register more than one company in QFC, do I have to pay the registration fees again?

Yes, the registration fees of USD 5,000 are applied for each company incorporated with QFC.

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