What documents are required to set up an ADGM SPV

What documents are required
to set up an ADGM SPV?

What documents are required to set up an ADGM SPV?

  1. Articles of Association (AoA)
    Either model articles, model articles with amendments or a fully bespoke AoA can be drafted and used here

  2. Registered office address
    Copy of lease agreement, or signed consent letter for provision of registered office address. ADGM allows the use of an ADGM company service provider to provide the registered office address.

  3. Resolution of Board of Directors or Shareholders Resolution
    Copy only required

  4. Passport information and signature page for each Authorised Signatory, Director, Shareholder, and Beneficial Owner
    Copy only required

  5. UAE visa page in passport for each Authorised Signatory (for UAE residents)
    Copy only required

  6. Emirates ID for UAE national Authorised Signatory
    Copy only required

  7. Certificate of Incorporation / Registration for each Director and Shareholder that is a body corporate
    Certified copy (certified within the last three months)

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