Trademark Registration in Saudi Arabia

Trademark Registration in Saudi Arabia

Protect your company's brand and rights with Trademark Registration in Saudi Arabia. Trademark in Saudi Arabia is overseen by the Saudi Arabia Authority for Intellectual Property (SAIP). 

In KSA Trademarks are registered under a class system. There are 45 Trademark class systems in KSA, that cover a variety of different goods/services. A separate application is required per class.

What are the trademark classes in Saudi?

Our KSA consultants can provide you a full list of Trademark classes if you engage us for this service in Saudi Arabia. 

Below are some exmples: 

  1. Class 5: Medical, Vetenary, Pharmaceutical cosmetics and products
  2. Class 16: Paper, printing, advertising and publishing products. 

What is the process for Trademark registration in KSA? 

You must first conduct a trademark pre-filing search through SAIP, to ensure the trademark has not already been registered. 

Submit a Trademark application and pay any related fees on SAIP- Our Sovereign PPG consultant in Saudi Arabia will advise on the correct class system for the Trademark application and assist with processing the Trademark Registration, renewals, modifications, change in ownership and any other changes that related to the Trademark during the duration of it's validity. 

What documents are required for Trademark registration in KSA?

The document requirements for Trademark application and registration in Saudi Arabia: 

  1. Copy of the company trade license
  2. Passport or ID copy
  3. Detailed information of the goods/services that you want covered in the Trademark
  4. Power of Attorney Notarised and Legalised by Saudi Arabian Consulate
  5. A high quality image of trademark representation 

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