UAE Resident Visa for Domestic Workers in UAE

UAE Resident Visa for Domestic Workers in UAE

UAE Resident Visa for Domestic Workers in UAE

The UAE national or an expatriate resident in UAE can recruit a domestic worker under their personal sponsorship.

The category of the domestic worker are - housemaid, babysitter, cook, private driver, housekeeper, and similar. The domestic worker must have a resident visa to legally work in UAE.

An expatriate resident has the capacity to sponsor the resident visa of a domestic worker if:

  • The sponsor earns a monthly salary which is not less than AED 25,000
  • The domestic worker is not related to the sponsor.
  • If the domestic worker is the same nationality of the sponsor, the sponsor must obtain from the consulate or embassy in the UAE that verifies there is no family relationship between the sponsor and the domestic worker.
  • The sponsor should be a resident in the UAE living with his or her family.
  • The sponsor must have at least 2 cars registered under his or her name, if he would like to recruit a personal driver.

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