What is a Legal Person in law and for the purposed of UAE UBO disclosures

What is a Legal Person in law and for the purposed of UAE UBO disclosures?

What is a Legal Person in law and for the purpose of UAE UBO disclosures?

A 'Legal Person' for the purposes of the law and specifically for the requirement in the UAE to undertake UBO disclosures can be an individual ‘Natural Person’ or it can also be a company acting as a ‘Legal Person’. So for example in a case where a company is acting as the 49% shareholder in a mainland UAE LLC then this company is a ‘Legal Person’ and should be submitted as such in the UBO disclosure.

In the case that the 49% shareholder has full management control of the LLC, and where the 51% is acting as a Nominee then the 49% shareholder would be disclosed as the full UBO for the LLC.

Legal definitions below

Natural Person

  • A human being; a real and living person
  • Possessing the power of thought and choice
  • May also be a legal person, and perform the organisation’s functions
  • Lives for a limited period, meaning he or she will die at some point

Legal Person

  • A being, real or imaginary, created by the law, or which the law regards as capable of certain rights or duties
  • Also referred to as “fictitious,” “juristic,” “artificial” or “moral”
  • Includes deceased persons, corporations, companies, trusts, and other organisations
  • Can only perform their functions through natural persons
  • Does not die, but may be disbanded or done away with.

For further information on the requirements for UAE UBO regulations updated 20 March 2024 - 


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For more information, visit our page on updated UAE UBO Regulations (updated on 20 March 2024)

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