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Sovereign Business Hub – Incubator and Office Space in Bahrain

When exploring company formation in Bahrain, small businesses and start-ups may be looking for opportunities for business collaboration and a platform for entrepreneurship. A way to incubate & accelerate small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs into the market is to use incubators in Bahrain.

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Business Incubators in Bahrain

The Sovereign Business Hub is an incubator programme available to investors, entrepreneurs, and startups in Bahrain. The Sovereign Business Hub is designed to assist our clients with their business journey into Bahrain. It allows our clients to register their Commercial Registration (CR) through us.

It also assists to:

  • Establish a conducive environment in Bahrain that encourages and nurtures innovative concepts to boost employment.
  • Create additional avenues to foster job and wealth generation for ambitious entrepreneurs and emerging startups in Bahrain.
  • Offers resources for startups to advance technological ventures in Bahrain.
  • Access to a global network and visibility sought by many entrepreneurs and startups.

PRO Partner Group can assist clients with business setup in Bahrain through the Sovereign Business Hub (SBH) and assist with all applications including work permits and residency permits for your business in Bahrain. We understand that setting up a business in Bahrain can be costly and incubator/accelerators in Bahrain can assist with reducing overall business costs and provide shared office space in Bahrain at a more affordable price.

Office Space in Bahrain through the Business Incubator

Having set up your business in Bahrain through the Sovereign Business Hub (SBH) incubator, our clients will be provided with a physical office space in Bahrain.

What facilities are available in the Sovereign Business Hub?

With PPG / Sovereign business consultants on-site to provide business consultation as well as several other office space benefits including:

  1. Dedicated landline phone number (available only for the offices not for desks)
  2. Unlimited usage of the meeting rooms (two meeting rooms) equipped with all electronic devices for conferences and presentations.
  3. Unlimited usage of the silent rooms (two silent rooms)
  4. Free visitor’s car park
  5. Free usage of the office stationery
  6. Free usage of the internet
  7. Free usage of electricity and water
  8. Soft beverages and coffee
  9. Lounge and pantry area
  10. 24/7 Access
  11. Free business consultancy

Administrative Support

PRO Partner Group can provide full admin support for clients in Bahrain. We can assist with the full company formation in Bahrain as well as visa requirements – PRO Retainer packages, accounting & bookkeeping, pension, and HR services in Bahrain.

Contact our team in Bahrain for more information.

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