Invest in Dubai Work Bundle
Invest in Dubai has launched a Work Bundle platform which will combined 8 different services into a bundle pack for employment processing requirements in Dubai, UAE.

Invest in Dubai Work Bundle

Invest in Dubai is a Dubai-based online platform that exists to provide support and information to foreign investors on key processes around business setup in Dubai.

In March 2024, the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratization (MoHRE) announced the launch of the UAE Government Work Bundle in partnership with Invest in Dubai. The UAE Work Bundle will assist with employment procedures in the private sector in Mainland Dubai.

The purpose is to accelerate employment processing in the UAE and will no longer require applicants to visit physical government locations. Instead, it will combine the processes of what was 5 separate government departments into one single platform service.

The Work Bundle has launched for companies only in Dubai to start, with plans to expand to include other Emirates soon. This service is now live and companies in Dubai can start to use this through the Invest in Dubai platform.

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What services will the UAE Work Bundle include?

The MOHRE Work Bundle will package 8 UAE government employment services into a single platform.

The service is currently available in the Emirate of Dubai and will be expended in other emirates soon.

The services covered in the Work Bundle will include:

  1. Work permit issuance
  2. Residency issuance
  3. Work permit renewals
  4. Residency renewals
  5. Work permit cancellations
  6. Residency cancellations
  7. Medical fitness test
  8. Fingerprints for ID issuance

How will the Invest in Dubai Work Bundle work?

Platform access will be gained through UAE Pass. UAE Pass is a digital government application that is used to authenticate UAE residence identity.

UAE Pass will be used by the business to permit Corporate Service Providers (CSP) such as PRO Partner Group, access to the portal which retains existing business licensing and employee information.

With access granted by the client, we can complete various tasks and processes efficiently without the need to visit multiple government portals such as the Department of Economic & Tourism (DET), General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDFRA), Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE), Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and Insurance Authority (ICP).

We can assist both new and existing clients on the Invest in Dubai Work Bundle platform. We can assist new clients in obtaining licenses online without the need to visit DET. We can create a new account by using the client's passport copy to complete the process.

Work Bundle processing times

The UAE MOHRE Work Bundle will cut down processing times for work permits and residency visas.

These processes originally would take up to 15-20 days to complete, the new Work Bundle platform on Invest in Dubai aims to get these processes complete in just 5 working days. Reducing the overall processing times by up to 75%.

What does this mean for businesses in the UAE?

As this is connected to DET and MOHRE processes, this Work Bundle only currently applies to Mainland companies in Dubai.

While the Work Bundle platform has only launched in Dubai so far, we expect this to be expanded to other Emirates shortly. The Work Bundle will benefit both the government and private sectors in terms of timelines, manpower and cost.

As it facilitates, streamlines, and simplifies the employment procedures for residency and working within the UAE, the impact will be an overall reduction in the procedures and visits required to complete these processes meaning less time and resources spent on individual processes as these are now grouped. 

The accelerated employment processes will also mean that companies will be able to apply for visas and onboard their employees much faster.

How can PRO Partner Group assist with the Work Bundle platform?

The Work Bundle platform will eliminate the need for the sponsor to give PRO Partner Group approval to access the portal. After gaining initial access through UAE Pass with the client/ business sponsor's consent, we will be able to create a username and password which will us to manage and maintain the process on the client’s behalf which further improves the PRO and Visa outsourcing in Dubai and the UAE. 

We can then assist in the application and processing of the employment visa and PRO requirements. Visit our PRO and Visa Services page for more information or fill in the inline form below and we would be delighted to assist you. 

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