Salalah Free Zone

Salalah Free Zone

Salalah Free Zone is the second largest free zone in Oman, located next to Oman's largest port. Salalah Free Zone gives businesses direct access to the Persian Gulf. Salalah free zone company setup is a particularly good option for logistics and industry services because it is well connected to transit routes.

Why Salalah Free Zone?

Salalah Free Zone is situated beside the bustling Salalah Port and a short distance from the Straits of Hormuz, providing companies with lower freight costs as well as tax exemptions, duty-free operations, and a 30-year tax holiday. This zone thrives on the chemical and material processing, manufacturing and assembly, and logistics and distribution sectors, attracting businesses with its generous incentives and the ease of market access it affords. It offers licences for general trading, trading, industrial and service-based businesses.

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About Salalah Free Zone 

Salalah Free Zone (SFZ) is one of the most known Oman Free Zones. Salalah Free Zone is located along the South coast of Oman and has long been a popular option for business set up in Oman.

Salalah Free Zone has one of the largest container ports, and has built fantastic infrastructure to support both multinationals and start-ups in:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Logistics and Distribution
  • Chemicals and Materials Processing
  • Assembling, Packaging and Packing
  • Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies

How to set up a Salalah Free Zone Company

The process to register a company in SFZ is straightforward. The first step is to fill out the 'Investors Inquiry Sheet' which asks for contact information, information on the business, facility requirements etc.

Once Initial approval is given, complete the registration forms and submit the below-required documents.

There are two main types of legal entities for incorporation in the Salalah Free Zone. Outlined below are the two types and the documents required for the registration form.

1. Free Zone Company (FZC) – Limited Liability Company (LLC)

      Document Requirements for FZC include:

      • Summary / Business Plan
      • Application form filled & submitted
      • Copies of owner/manager passport
      • Company profile
      • MoA & AoA
      • PoA appointing a representative
      • Bank Account statement for the prior 6 months

      2. Free Zone Establishment (FZE) – Establishment

      Document Requirements for FZE include:

      • Summary / Business Plan
      • Application form filled & submitted
      • Copies of owner/manager passport
      • Company Profile
      • Bank Account statement for the prior 6 months

      Once the documents and form have been submitted to SFZ authorities, you will be required to sign the sub usufruct (lease) agreement.

      Provided all is approved, you will receive your SFZ business license and can begin business operations in Oman.

      License Types Available in Salalah Free Zone

      1. Commercial
      2. Industrial
      3. Service
      4. Tourism
      5. Real Estate

        Depending on your business activities, you may be required to obtain additional permits or approvals.

        For example, some activities will require the business to obtain an environmental permit (submission of project location and environmental impact assessment).

        Office Spaces in Salalah Free Zone

        SFZ provides a number of office/warehouse products that are designed to best suit the needs of your business. All spaces are designed with connectivity, access, and security in mind. This includes:

        • Land
        • Warehouses
        • Light Industrial Units
        • Offices
        • Outlets

        If you require customised spaces, you can engage with SFZ to discuss based on your requirements.

        What are the benefits of setting up a Salalah Free Zone company?

        • 30-year tax exemptions
        • 100% Foreign Ownership
        • Customs - Customs duties exemptions & fast track import/export proceedures
        • No minimum capital requirements
        • Salalah maintains a moderate temperature throughout the year as compared to its neighbouring countries which experience harsher summer months.
        • Proximity to all other GCC countries as well as wider Middle East and Africa
        • Sea, air and land infrastructure to support availability to GCC and global markets (2 week shipping time).
        • In a location with abundant resources (oil, natural gas, copper, etc.)
        • Busiest general cargo facilities in the region

        How can PRO Partner Group assist?

        PPG can assist companies with the full incorporation of their business in any Oman Free Zone including Salalah Free Zone. Should you require any assistance with company formation, visas and licencing requirements – Partner Visa or other work permits in Oman, please contact us on +968 9937 1107 for Oman or +971 (0)4 456 1761 for Dubai, email us at or fill in the in line form and we would be delighted to assist you.

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