About Oman

Oman’s economic stability and modern trading system makes the county an attractive hub, specifically for logistics and trade in the Middle East. The government of Oman has strong international trade agreements which has broadened the opportunity of foreign investment enhancing small and medium businesses.

The incorporation process can be complicated in Oman and it is important that you get it right from the start. PRO Partner Group understand that entering and developing new markets is challenging and we are there to help to alleviate some of these challenges and equip your business with the resources needed to make entry into Oman seamless and efficient.

Mainland Structures

Limited Liability Companies (LLC) are one of the most common types of incorporate commercial entities that entrepreneurs and corporations can establish in the UAE. With a quick and easy process, and a broad range of business incentives, LLCs are widely preferred by entrepreneurs and corporations that want to penetrate the UAE market and establish a solid footing in the Middle East region. Read more >>

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

LLC is the most common type of business entity used in Oman due to its straightforward and quick formation, easier banking, relaxed share capital requirements etc The business operates under a company name and ownership of the company in the form of shares in the capital of the company, the liability for each shareholder is limited to the portion of their own capital contributions. Read more >>

Sole Establishment

A Sole Establishment is a simple and straight forward business structure whereby an individual trades on his own account pursuant to a trade license issued in his own name. This form of business entity is referred to as an ‘establishment’ rather than a company and the sole proprietor is personally liable to the full extent of his assets for the liabilities of the business. Read more >>

Branch Office

A very popular way for foreign companies to benefit from 100 percent foreign ownership is to establish a branch office of the parent company. A branch office is legally part of and an extension to its parent company; it does not therefore have a legal identity distinct from its parent company. Read more >>


A foreign investor can set-up a company in Oman either in one of the many Freezones or on the mainland. Freezone Authorities are the government bodies that register and issue business licences to non-resident companies in the Omani free zone. Freezones allow corporate structures to have a physical presence in the Oman with 100% foreign ownership and offers prebuilt facilities and modernised one stop-shop registration and administrative services. Read more >>

Local Sponsorship for Foreign Investors

Oman is currently experiencing economic growth and is encouraging foreign businesses to invest in the country. Foreign citizens are able to open a business in Oman, although there are a number of requirements and limitations that must be considered. Read more >>

In Country Value (ICV)

ICV is a total spend retained in-country that benefits business development, contribute to human capability development and stimulate productivity in the Omani economy. Read more >>


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