It may be required to engage a local partner (an Omani national or local legal entity owned by an Omani) to own a percentage of shares in the proposed business. PPG offers local sponsorship services in Oman to assist with this requirement for business setup in Oman.

Local Sponsorship in Oman

Oman is currently experiencing economic growth and is encouraging foreign businesses to invest in the country. In addition to already strong and well-developed industries like oil and tourism, the country is working to develop other industries, including mining, construction and infrastructure, import and export and trade and agriculture. As technology has become an integral part of modern life, major blue-chip companies as well as knowledge and technology-driven SMEs and start-ups have been enjoying the benefits offered to companies in the IT sector. Foreign citizens are able to open a business in Oman, although there are a number of requirements and limitations that must be considered.


By Omani Law, foreign companies and individuals (except for GCC or US shareholders), are generally required to have an Omani partner (individual or company) with a minimum 30% shareholding in order to form an LLC. Minimum share capital of OMR 150,000 ($390,000) is no longer required to be deposited to register an LLC with foreign participation. However, a part of this amount has to be available as proof of funds.

Types of sponsorship

As mentioned above, there are two forms of partnerships: with an Omani individual or a 100% Omani owned company.

The local sponsorship concept is not common outside of the GCC region and might potentially be frustrating for the foreign investor. We at PRO Partner Group totally understand clients’ concerns and through our secure and trusted nominee structure, we ensure your interests are fully protected in accordance with the law. When you partner with us, PRO Partner Group become the Omani 30% professional corporate partner in the LLC, taking away any pressure of independently finding a trustworthy local sponsor.

Individual sponsorship: The individual sponsor is an individual Omani national who is suggested to sponsor your business by holding 30% the of shares in your company. He or she must be an Omani citizen over the age of 21. Some activities require this person to hold certain degree levels and have experience in the same field as the new company. Usually they are business professionals or government employees. Profits do not have to be shared to reflect the percentage shareholding, and in most instances, the local sponsor is paid a set annual fee in exchange for full power of attorney and control over the business activities.

Corporate Sponsorship: Without a doubt, one of the greatest advantages of corporate sponsorship is that your corporate sponsor will never interfere with the business. Additionally, entrepreneurs maintain 100% of the financial benefits from the business along with full control. Corporate sponsorship deals provide entrepreneurs with more security. Dealing with individual sponsors can present ownership problems in the event that a partner passes away or retires early. One way that entrepreneurs opt to mitigate this risk is through ‘succession planning,’ or having a legally binding plan in place. When working with a corporate entity, you don’t need to worry about succession planning.

Corporate sponsorship is similar to having an individual sponsor in that it affords you the same rights. However, the process is less risky as it is transparent from start to finish. It also provides you with the support of an entire corporate team, rather than just one individual.

Advantages of partnering with PRO Partner Group

  • As your service provider, we will use our experience to handle all the necessary paperwork to establish your business in a timely manner. This includes applying for visas, licences, obtaining labour quotas, translation services and assisting with the opening of corporate bank accounts.
  • We allow the General Manager to manage the daily operations of the company without interference.
  • Not interested in turnover or profits. A set fee legally agreed at the start ensures stability and ease for you to budget.
  • Through our corporate office, you will have access to ongoing services and around the clock support.
  • We will offer networking opportunities with key local contacts and government departments.
  • Change of circumstance. This is not a problem. Although we would be sad to see you leave, we will assist you in either terminating our licence or share transferring to a new sponsor.

Oman’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry will bring a new law into force as of January 2020, which aims to make Oman an attractive investment environment. The introduction of this law, which has several incentives and advantages for foreign investors, is intended to encourage the flow of investment and increase economic stability and development in the sultanate.


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