Sole Establishments in Oman

A Sole Establishment is a simple and straight forward business structure whereby an individual trades on his own account pursuant to a trade license issued in his own name. This form of business entity is referred to as an ‘establishment’ rather than a company and the sole proprietor is personally liable to the full extent of his assets for the liabilities of the business. The establishment will not have an independent legal entity from that of the owner. Mainly Omani, GCC and the US nationals (subject to certain conditions) are permitted to form sole proprietorship's in Oman.

How is a Sole Establishment in Oman Set Up and Structured?

The main procedure for establishing a Sole Establishment is to submit an application together with the relevant documents to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry where the Chamber of Commerce and the Municipality has representation to issue relevant licenses (with the main trade license being issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry).

More Information About Sole Establishment Oman:

  • Single person owned
  • No restriction to start or close
  • Owner holds the complete control
  • Lower cost of formation and compliance
  • Unlimited liability is borne by the owner
  • Profits and losses are borne by the owner
  • No special legislation
  • Each Sole Establishment requires a local Omani to be company’s Government Liaison Officer. GLO has no equity participation or liability to the business, nor can the person represent the branch office or participate in its management.

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