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Payroll Services in Qatar

Qatar Ministry of Labour and Qatar Central Bank has developed the Wage Protection System (WPS). WPS is a digital salary transfer system designed to ensure the full amount and correct payment of employee wages in Qatar. With WPS considerations as a legal Labour requirements in Qatar, having a proper payroll system in place is essential for company compliance requirements.

Sovereign and PRO Partner Group payroll services in Qatar are designed to take the pressure off our clients and assist with streamlined and automated employee compensation management and compliance requirements as per the Wage Protection System (WPS) and the proper payment of the employee workforce in Qatar.

As part of the roles and responsibilities of employee management, employee compensation and Payroll is an essential.

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Payroll Services in Qatar

Our Payroll Services in Qatar include:

  • Establishing a new client database within our payroll processing system
  • Securely managing and recording sensitive employee data - transferring previous payroll records
  • Configuring a system to calculate statutory gratuity payments - accrual report based on a calculation breakdown into 1. current month calculation and 2. total accrual since joining date. These calculations can help employers keep track of obligations for gratuity payments.
  • End of Service Gratuity (EOSG) Employee Benefit Plans
  • Collaborating with the client to finalise each month's payroll calculation
  • Making necessary adjustments to the monthly payroll: changes in employees and company details i.e. banking details, job titles, email IDs, adding new hires, resignations, leave pay calculations, etc.
  • Providing final settlement to departing employees
  • Creating SIF (Salary Information File) according to clients' Bank requirements
  • Issuance of monthly payslips
  • Monthly payment statements
  • Updating annual salary adjustments for all employees
  • Supplying clients with annual earnings reports and completing tax year-end reports, where applicable.
  • Report on the salaries paid for the financial year which can be used for yearly audit.

It is important to note that all payments are made through the client's bank account.

Sovereign and PPG payroll process in Qatar provides all the payment information to the client for the client to upload the SIF and make any required payments.

Our payroll services adhere to local labour laws and compliance requirements that align with Wage Protection System (WPS) to assist clients with processing payroll correctly in Qatar.

How can PRO Partner Group assist?

When looking at payroll outsourcing in Qatar, it is first important for us to understand your business and what payroll system you may already have in place.

If you are a new company in Qatar, we can guide you on the process and requirements.

Set up a call with our Payroll team in Qatar to discuss your payroll requirements in Qatar.

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