Government portals for business in Saudi Arabia

Government portals for business in Saudi Arabia

The Government portals in Saudi Arabia offer a number of different Government services. The portals include Absher, MOCI, Qiwa, Mudad, GOSI, GAZT and are used for a widespread number of services for employee and company management and authorisation.


Once a company has completed its company formation through the Ministry of Investment Saudi Arabia (MISA), there are a number of different government portals for businesses and individuals to set up.

These government portals for businesses in Saudi Arabia are used for a variety of different purposes for ongoing company maintenance requirements, document authentication, managing workforce labour and immigration requirements.

When setting up a company in Saudi Arabia, many of these portal names will be referenced as part of the incorporation process. It is important to understand the names of these portals and what their function is.

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Below is a list of the digital portals in KSA and what they are used for:


Qiwa is the portal responsible for issuing expat and Saudi/GCC National contracts.

It is also used to manage workforce requirements related to visas and immigration such as staff quotas (Nitaqat), Iqama visa issuance (residence permits), and Iqama transfers. This platform operates similarly to MoHRE in the UAE.


Absher is a platform of the Ministry of Interior and is an electronic authenticator for Government systems for identity, citizenship, and customs (similar to UAE Pass). Absher is the digital solution used for authenticating and authorising national identity and signatures.


What is Mudad in KSA?

The Mudad portal in KSA is used to manage salary-releasing processes and payroll. Businesses must register all their employees with Mudad. Mudad oversees employee salary transfers and payroll requirements as per the Wage Protection System (WPS) requirements in Saudi Arabia.

General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI)

The GOSI website/ GOSI portal is used to manage Social Insurance matters in Saudi Arabia.

GOSI registration is required for all foreign and Saudi/GCC National employees as part of their onboarding processes. It assists in managing the employee's End of Service, Pension, medical claims and expenses and unemployment matters. GOSI is also used to issue Saudi National work contracts.

Employers in Saudi Arabia are required to make GOSI contributions on behalf of their employees. GOSI contributions are paid monthly and GOSI calculations amount to a total of 11.75% (KSA Nationals) and 2% (Expats). GOSI Calculations are broken down as below:

  • 9% GOSI (only for Saudi nationals)
  • 0.75% SANED (only for Saudi nationals)
  • 2% Occupational Hazards (Saudi nationals and expats)

A GOSI certificate can be generated to showcase the contributions made over time.


GAZT is the Tax, Zakat and Customs Authority in Saudi Arabia. GAZT is a consolidated portal for all Tax and Zakat filing requirements.


Zakat is an Islamic financial term. The Zakat portal in Saudi Arabia manages Islamic law which requires Muslims to donate a portion of their wages to charity. The Zakat calculation for companies in Saudi Arabia is 2.5% of the company's net profit which is paid as charity money to the Saudi Government.

These various portals for businesses in Saudi Arabia are designed to create centralised authority for key employee management and company maintenance processes. Each portal is dedicated to a particular service or department within the Government which is now accessible through these portals as part of Saudi Arabia’s digital solutions and transformation.

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