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  • Dubai Coin relaunch an ‘elaborate phishing scam’ government says -

    According to the Dubai Government, the Dubai Coin, a digital currency could be used for purchasing goods is a scam.

    A website was created and was used for stealing personal information from its visitors. After a relaunch, the Government stated that the Dubai Coin, Cryptocurrency was fake and it is not backed by any official authority.

    The value of the Dubai Coin rose from 14-fold from below $0.09 per coin on Tuesday to as high as $1.35 on Wednesday.

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  • UAE driving licence can now be exchanged for UK version -

    As of May 20th, those who are relocating to the UK will not have to repeat their driving test if they are coming from the UAE.

    Drivers who have passed their test in the UAE can now exchange their licence for a British one.

    These rules have been extended to other countries such as Taiwan, Ukraine and North Macedonia. The recent changes are primarily for Emiratis and expat student for expat who studied in the UAE and wish to return back to their country.

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  • Live entertainment, weddings and community sporting events are back on in Dubai -

    According to the Dubai Media Office, those who wish to dine out in restaurants can now have 10 to a table and 6 for those in cafes.

    In addition to the latest change, concerts and social institutional events are now coming back. However, there are strict guidelines which states that attendees and participants have been vaccinated.

    For indoor events, 1,500 people are now allowed to gather, and for outdoor events the capacity is 2,500.

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  • Office markets in Dubai and Abu Dhabi remain favourable as rents fall -

    Commercial office rents in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have declined by 7% in the first quarter.

    Those who have companies registered by the Department of Economic Development (Onshore) have a greater advantage of those who do not, when it comes to securing office space to the drop in rental fees.

    According to a report by Knight Frank, the drop in office rents have now significantly affected the average cost per square metre (SQM) - in Dubai, the average is Dh1,033 per SQM and in Abu Dhabi Dh897 per SQM.

    This is the lowest level recorded since the third quarter of 2012, with Covid-19 and more companies allowing working from home being the main reason behind this drastic decline. We do expect these levels to begin to rise as business confidence comes back in the region, and due to the phenomenal vaccine roll-out programme in the UAE.

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  • Dubai property broker launches tokenisation platform -

    Property broker Arms & McGregor are planning to set up a tokenisation platform which will allow people to own and trade property assets through digital tokens.

    Arms & McGregor partnered with Slovenian blockchain company Blocksquare to create a platform for the purpose of connecting to a decentralised finance, or DeFi, liquidity pool.

    One of the main objectives behind this initiative is to allow developers to sell portions of their properties to raise funds and complete projects under the use of tokens

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  • UAE approves Sinopharm vaccine booster shot -

    The UAE have approved the Sinopharms Covid-19 vaccine booster which is to be taken six months after their second jab. Elderly people and those with chronic diseases will be given first priority.

    This announcement was made by NCEMA UAE during the latest Government media briefing. NCEMA UAE are progressively encouraging adults and parents to vaccinate their children, after the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) approved the emergency use of the Pfizer-Biontech vaccine for children aged between 12 and 15.

    Dr Al Hosani has also stressed the importance of Vitamin D and C as well as Zinc, as it helps to combat infections as well as Covid-19.

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  • Abu Dhabi oil giant ADNOC awards contracts of Dh1.16b for massive Bu Hasa project -

    The Bu Hasa field is ADNOC's biggest onshore production asset. The latest contracts have been split into two packages to its main production facilities at Bu Hasa.

    The Engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contract has been won by a subsidiary with ADNOC. The award is made up of two different packages, one of which is valued at Dh582 million which has been given to China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Co, and the second package has been valued at Dh583.9 million to Robt Stone LLC.

    Each contract will be valid for a period of three years and will be given an option to extend for another two years.

    The purpose of the EPC is to create up to 260 conventional and non-conventional smart wells which will be installed within a variety of remote operations.

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  • The UAE and Maldives 'in the process' of setting up a travel corridor -

    According to the Maldives Ambassador, Aminath Shabeena, they are working on putting a travel corridor in place between the UAE and the Maldives for vaccinated travellers.

    As of now, they have not set a date for this to come into effect, however Aminath has suggested that it may be within the next two weeks.

    A travel corridor will allow travellers to freely come and go between the two countries, on the basis they have received two doses of any World Health Organisation- approved vaccine without the need to showing a PCR test result.

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  • Abu Dhabi to end quarantine for all international visitors starting from 1st July -

    Starting from 1st July, all international arrivals will no longer be required to quarantine.

    Currently all travellers are required to undertake a 10-day quarantine period unless they are arriving from a ‘green-list’ country.

    "It will be similar to the Dubai system - the PCR protocol will be different from high-risk to low- risk destinations, " said Ali Al Shaiba, executive director of Tourism and Marketing, DCT Abu Dhabi "Quarantine will not be an option," said Al Shaiba.

    The rules and regulations between the border of Abu Dhabi and Dubai will also see some changes in order to make it easier for tourists to go in between both Emirates without significant inconvenience.

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