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News & Updates

  • Commercial Space Rental 20% Rebate Initiative in Abu Dhabi -

    In line with the economic initiatives packages launched by the Abu Dhabi government to support the private sector during the current COVID-19 impact, the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) has announced a 20% rental rebate on commercial space for all companies who are licensed within the following activities: Restaurants, Entertainment and Tourism.

    To register for the initiative, you must first complete the online application at AD DED. 

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  • Dubai Economy Licence Reduction Update -

    Dubai Economy have announced that the fee for an Instant Licence will drop from the original price of AED3000 to AED250 – this is a significant reduction and very welcomed at this time. This reduction also applies to renewing the licence as well a setting up new licences.

    Limited Liability Company, One Person LLC, Sole Proprietorship and Civil Company are the four legal forms allowed under the Dubai Instant Licence regime. The licence can be obtained online, and all set up processes are still currently open. An Instant Licence can also be used to obtain a General Trading licence and a licence to sell products online and through e-commerce. Activities can start immediately after the licence is secured along with remaining requirements and approvals. Contact a member of the PRO Partner Group Team for more information on Instant Licences.

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  • Dubai eases lockdown restrictions allows movement during the day -

    Dubai eases lockdown restrictions, companies back to work at below 30% capacity

    From Friday 24th March, residents in Dubai no longer need a permit to leave their homes. A curfew of 10pm – 6am is in place, no one will be permitted to leave during these times unless for medical reasons. Masks are required to be worn at all times, gloves are optional, fines of up to AED 1000 will be given for violators.

    A short breakdown of what was announced:

    • Exercise is allowed for up to 1-2 hours, a max of 3 people can exercise together at the same time and any activities must be within your residential area.
    • Malls, Restaurants & Hotels are allowed to operate for 10 hours from 12pm-10am with no more than 30% capacity. Those older than 60 years and children between the ages of 3 and 12 years are not permitted.
    • Hotels will be allowed to operate without opening pools, gyms, sauna and massage
    • Services offered at salons for males and females will be restricted to hair and nail services.
    • Public transport services, including Dubai metro services, will resume Sunday from 7am–11pm.

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