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Company Set Up

Setting Up in a Freezone

PRO Partner Group is a professional business consultancy firm with a singular goal – to help entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and companies find their footing in the competitive Dubai market. As a full-service company, our expertise includes providing a comprehensive range of solutions aimed at speeding up business setup in Dubai free zones.

We have a team of free zone company formation experts who can offer step-by-step assistance to clients, resulting in an easy, quick, and hassle-free setup. Our specialists are happy to take over the entire company setup process, from start to finish, so you can focus on what matters the most – business strategy and growth.

Our range of solutions includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Strategic business planning – our team can help you identify the most viable free zone in the UAE for your business
  • Document processing – we can assist you in acquiring, preparing, and completing all the necessary application forms and documents
  • Trade name application – When applying for your chosen trade name, we can liaise with local government authorities on your behalf
  • Business structuring – we can provide insight into how to structure your business in compliance with local regulations
  • Licence acquisition – our specialists can help you to acquire the right licence for your chosen venture
  • Visa application and processing – our team can assist you in obtaining the right visas for the people joining your company, so you don’t have to deal with the paperwork
  • Opening bank accounts – we can help you open a corporate bank account with your chosen banking services provider in Dubai

The Benefits of Setting Up in a Free zone

  • Complete company ownership
  • Exemption from taxes
  • Exemption from import and export taxes
  • Availability of business-ready facilities
  • Availability of business support solutions
  • High-speed communications and connectivity infrastructure

What are the Free Zone Options in the UAE?

A foreign investor can set up a company in the UAE either in one of the many free zones or in the UAE mainland. Free zone authorities are the government bodies that register and issue business licences to non-resident companies in the UAE free zone. Free zones allow corporate structures to have a physical presence in the UAE, allow 100% foreign ownership and offer prebuilt facilities and modernised one stop-shop registration and administrative services.

The UAE is one of the most progressive countries in the world, with happy and contented residents and sustainable growth in many areas, including the economy, trade, investment, communications, information technology, tourism and infrastructure. It is, therefore clear to see why countless foreign investors aim to establish their companies here.

When it comes to setting up a company, free zones are well known for their flexibility, especially with regards to choosing the business activity. A wide selection of activities are available, but are subject to approval. Some free zones have recently confirmed updates to their activity lists to include more functional activities. This should help investors in selecting the right activity for their business.

Freezone Company Set Up Procedures

Unlike the mainland’s heavy constitution and operating requirements, i.e. appointment of a UAE local sponsor – free zone rules are far less strict and the timeframes for setting up companies are much faster, as the paperwork and administration requirements are minimal and there is no need for appointment of a UAE local sponsor to obtain a licence.


The application for initial company registration is submitted through the free zone’s registrar. Some of the free zones have their own online portals through which clients can process the initial application instead of going to the registrar for submission. This phase includes completion of application forms, registering the shareholder and officers’ details, company name reservation, activity, management and compliance approvals.


This is where company registration, invoice issuance and submission and verification of the original legal documents takes place. At this stage, most of the free zones require the shareholder or the authorised signatory to visit the registrar to sign and verify various documents such as passports and IDs.


Signing of the Lease Agreement and finalisation of the licence by the registrar take place at this stage. Once the management approval is granted, the licence and corporate documents of the company shall be issued.

Free Zone
Business Activities

  • Professional


    For individuals/companies that provide professional services. Companies include: Lawyers, Marketing Agencies, Consulting

  • Education


    For individuals/companies that provide professional services. Investors that are opening an education-related institution or consultancy company.

  • Industrial


    For individuals/companies that provide professional services. Companies that are in to manufacturing, importing, packaging and exporting products.

  • Tourism


    For individuals/companies that provide professional services. Companies that are operating tourism-related activities or establishments.

  • Trading


    For individuals/companies that provide professional services. Companies that activities are linked to any import or export interrelated businesses.

  • E-Commerce


    For individuals/companies that provide professional services. Companies trading in goods and services via electronic means.

  • Individual / Freelance

    Individual / Freelance

    For individuals that provide professional services. One owner with one activity in a specific specialty or expertise.

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