Dubai Announces New Al Maktoum Airport: What Does this Mean for Businesses?

Dubai Announces New Al Maktoum Airport: What Does this Mean for Businesses?

- Ankit Anand

Recent expansion plans have been announced for Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC), marking a major milestone for Dubai’s aviation and business sectors. Operational since June 2010 and open to passengers since October 2013, the airport is set to receive a $35 billion investment. 

This transformation will make DWC the world’s largest airport, featuring five runways, five terminals, and the capacity to handle 260 million passengers annually. This ambitious project is a key component of the broader Dubai World Central (DWC) initiative—a massive residential, commercial, and logistics complex designed to create a self-sustained economic zone. This new development is set to have significant implications for businesses, business opportunities, and the economy in Dubai and the wider UAE.

Why is the expansion of Al Maktoum Airport in Dubai necessary?

The expansion of DWC is a necessary response to the growing demands on Dubai International Airport (DXB), which is nearing its capacity limits. With DXB handling 87 million passengers and 1.81 million tons of cargo annually, further expansion is hindered by its location amidst residential areas and major highways. 

DWC, strategically situated in the southern, less developed part of Dubai, offers a viable solution. The initial phase, expected to be completed by 2034, aims to accommodate up to 150 million passengers yearly, easing the strain on DXB. This will then increase to its expected capacity of 260 million passengers once all phases are completed.

Implications for businesses in Dubai

Logistics and supply chain efficiency

The expansion is great news for businesses in Dubai with a logistics and supply chain component.

With cargo capacity set to increase from 1 million to 16 million tonnes per year, businesses will likely be able to move more goods faster, meeting higher demand and ensuring quicker deliveries. The addition of five parallel runways will allow for four simultaneous aircraft approaches, reducing waiting times for landing and takeoff, and enabling quicker turnaround times for cargo flights. This should translate into fewer delays, lower transportation costs and ultimately increased profits.

Strategic location and multimodal transport

DWC’s proximity to Jebel Ali Port also offers a significant advantage, enabling seamless integration of air and sea transport. This will facilitate more multimodal transportation options, resulting in faster, cost-effective, and flexible logistics planning. Industries requiring timely deliveries, such as e-commerce, manufacturing, and perishables, stand to benefit from reduced lead times and transportation costs, leading to substantial savings. For instance, companies dealing in high-volume goods can capitalise on quick turnover and reduced warehousing needs, contributing to lower operational costs.

Real estate and infrastructure development

The development of Al Maktoum Airport is expected to stimulate significant economic growth, creating a ripple effect across various sectors. One of the most noticeable impacts will be on real estate and infrastructure. As the area surrounding the airport develops, there will be increased demand for commercial and residential properties. Real estate investors can look forward to new opportunities in these emerging areas, especially with the planned "airport city" designed to house a million residents.

The construction and operation of the new airport will also generate numerous jobs, not just within the aviation industry but also in related sectors like construction, retail, and services.

Boost to tourism and hospitality

With the capacity to handle up to 260 million passengers annually, DWC will provide a major boost to tourism and business travel. The influx of international visitors will drive demand for hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues, creating significant opportunities for the hospitality sector. The enhanced connectivity will also reduce travel times and logistical barriers and make it easier for businesses to connect with global clients and partners.

Competitive edge against regional rivals

The new airport should also help Dubai maintain its competitive edge against regional rivals like Saudi Arabia, which are also heavily investing in their aviation infrastructure. By centralising operations at DWC and relocating Emirates Airlines by 2034, Dubai will enhance operational efficiencies and reinforce its industry position. This move is also expected to attract other major airlines and multinational companies to establish regional headquarters in Dubai, leveraging the strategic advantages the new hub will provide.

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