Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM)


The Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) is the country capital's international financial centre. An Abu Dhabi Global Market business setup offers businesses the opportunity to operate within one of the worlds most highly-regarded jurisdictions, and to benefit from the supportive business network and regulatory environment.


Setting up a business in Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) provides opportunities in Abu Dhabi’s international financial centre for foreign business investment. ADGM is a financial free zone and has a reputation for its international and supportive business network with its own commercial, civil and regulatory environment, similar to the United Kingdom.

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What is the process to setting up in ADGM?

The key steps required to set up a business in ADGM are as follows:

1. Define your business activities and entity structure. This requires selecting your business category:

    Category A: Financial – examples include Fintech, Banking, Wealth Management

    Category B: Non-financial – examples include corporate company formations such as Treasury, Holding Company, SPVs, Professional Associations

    Category C: Retail – examples include Retail and Entertainment

    2. Select and register your business name. Check the register to make sure your name is available for use. 

    3. Lease physical office space (SPVs exempt).

    4. Complete and submit documentation for your application. Specific documentation will be required based on the entity structure.

      Businesses providing financial services will be required to be regulated by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) to obtain a FSRA licence that reflects your business type and the capital you will be required to hold.

      ADGM Expansion to Al Reem Island - Transfer your ADDED License to ADGM

      In November 2023, ADGM announced it's expansion into Al Reem Island which will require all existing businesses in Al Reem to transfer their Abu Dhabi Mainland DED License into an ADGM free zone license. Read more

      What are the benefits to setting up an ADGM company?

      1. Businesses establishing in ADGM can be 100% foreign owned
      2. No corporate or personal income tax
      3. No currency restrictions
      4. 100% important and export tax exemption

      What entities are available to set up in ADGM?

      There are a variety of available corporate structures which can be established in ADGM. You can incorporate a limited or unlimited company or a branch office for a company incorporated elsewhere in the UAE or abroad. You can also establish a passive holding company such as an SPV, a cell company or an investment company. Read more

      Setting up a Special Purpose Vehicle in ADGM  

      ADGM’s SPV regime is regarded as a highly flexible and cost-effective solution for structuring asset holdings and investments. The regime offers business owners and asset holders greater freedom while allowing for separation of financial and legal risk. Under the direct application of English Common Law, SPVs follow companies’ regulations rather than separate regulations, which ensures consistency across all corporate vehicles. Read more

      Setting up an ADGM Foundation

      The ADGM Framework has a fantastic reputation as an International Financial Centre. It is mandated under Common Law and has independent ADGM courts. Foundations in ADGM are split into two categories – exempt and non-exempt. Read More

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