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Qatar's trade representative office structures enable businesses to set up a shop window/marketing office in Qatar to promote their foreign products on the ground while the foreign company is processing the sales overseas.

Setting Up as Trade Representative Office

Qatar's flourishing economy and strategic geographic location make it an ideal trade and business hub both regionally and internationally.

A trade representative office plays a crucial role for businesses seeking to expand into the Qatar market and establish a presence within the country. Acting as an intermediary between the parent company abroad and potential clients, suppliers, or partners in Qatar, these offices focus on promoting the products and services of the parent company and facilitating business transactions. If your foreign company is looking for exposure in the Qatari market, you may want to set up a Trade Representative Office. This type of representation is useful in promoting a foreign company and introducing your products to Qatari companies as a non-trading ‘shop-window’. 

This is particularly advantageous for companies aiming to explore opportunities in international markets like Qatar without the complexities of setting up a full subsidiary or branch office. By operating within Qatar's legal framework, these trade representative offices can conduct market research, engage in promotional activities, and build local relationships. They serve as a vital link between international enterprises and the Qatari market, fostering growth and mutually beneficial trade relationships.

Bear in mind, your Trade Representative Office cannot export, import or sell in the State of Qatar. You are also not permitted to contact the end customer directly or promote products that are not manufactured by your company.

Document Requirements

To open a trade representative office in Qatar, the following documents are required: 

  • Completed application form
  • Articles of Association of the foreign company
  • Commercial Registration of the foreign company 
  • Proof of an official address
  • Board resolution & Power of Attorney
  • A declaration from the foreign company acknowledging responsibility for the office's activities in Qatar.

All these documents must be attested and translated into Arabic.

Process of setting up a Trade Representative Office in Qatar

The procedure to set up a trade representative office in Qatar includes:

Attesting foreign documents in Qatar and translating them, submitting the application form along with the required documents, obtaining the Commercial Registration, signing a lease agreement, obtaining the Municipality License, and obtaining the Immigration Card. Additionally, the company may need a bank account in Qatar, for which additional documents like a shareholders list and documents referring to Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) may be required.

Other requirements

Ensuring that the General Manager (GM) has residency in Qatar, which can be facilitated by providing a nominee manager position for registration purposes (if required). PRO Partner Group can assist with the nominee general manager / authorised signatory service. 

Timeline for setup of Trade Representative Office in Qatar

The timeline for setting up a trade representative office in Qatar involves obtaining basic licenses and registrations, which usually takes 2-3 weeks once the documents are in Qatar. The processing time for residency and labor quota is 10 days, and foreign employees need to stay in Qatar for 10-12 days to obtain the QID (Qatar ID).

More Information about Trade Representative Offices:

  • Personnel from your Trade Representative office can contact a client or exporter to acquaint them with their foreign establishment
  • Trade Representative offices can be beneficial in reducing difficulties related to distribution
  • Trade Representative offices can act as a liaison between foreign offices and Qatar to better understand the market and therefore conduct marketing more appropriately
  • Trade Representative offices are subject to Ministerial approval
  • There is no share capital requirement for a Trade Representative office

How can PPG assist? 

PRO Partner Group have successfully setup clients Trade Representative Office in Qatar. Our team in Doha are equipment with the local laws and regulations to make the incorporation process more seamless for our clients. We can also support with services in PRO and Visa support, accounting and bookkeeping, HR services and employee onboarding in Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, the wider UAE, Oman or KSA. Please do get in touch with us on+974 (0)44 788 765 for Qatar or +971 (0)4 456 1761 for Dubai, email us at or complete the contact form below and we will be delighted to assist you.


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