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Saudi temporary work visa

An overview of the Saudi temporary work visa, how it works, timelines and saudi temporary work visa requirements

Saudi Arabia’s temporary work visa is a work-related visa option available for establishments with valid commercial registration, to bring in individuals to live and work in Saudi on a temporary short-term basis. The Saudi temporary work visa allows companies to bring in skilled employees on a short-term basis to complete projects.

The Saudi temporary work visa does not require a work permit or residency visa (Iqama) and is ideal for companies looking to fill temporary employment.

The temporary work permit in Saudi Arabia was launched in April 2023 and is like the Mission Visa in the United Arab Emirates. The Saudi temporary work visa has been pivotal in making Saudi Arabia more accessible and inclusive to skilled and working professionals and to help fill company employment shortages.

What is the validity of the temporary work visa in Saudi Arabia?

The temporary work visa is valid for 1 year from the date of issuance and allows the individual the ability to live and work in Saudi Arabia for up to 90 days with multiple entries. The 90 days can be extended by an additional 90 days. The validity can total 180 days (6 months) provided they continue to meet the required criteria.

Saudi temporary work visa requirements

There are a few requirements and eligibility criteria that the company and individual must meet to be able to obtain a temporary work visa.

  • The company wanting to apply for the temporary work visa, must have a valid commercial registration in Saudi Arabia.
  • The company must maintain a medium green Nitaqat level (Saudization level) or above.
  • The individual temporary visa holder must be issued a temporary work contract.
  • Attestation of related documents with relevant ministries may be required. PPG can assist with document attestation for Saudi Arabia.

How does the Saudi temporary visa work?

The temporary work visa is issued through the Ministry of Interior and is designed to assist in streamlining the hiring process for filling temporary roles.

As a result of the visa being temporary, it does not follow the same requirements as a work permit or full-time residency (Iqama) in KSA. Employers are not required to provide medical insurance to individuals with a temporary work visa. The temporary work visa also does not require employee registration to any of the human resources and social insurance-related government portals such as the General Organisation for Social Insurance (GOSI) and Muqeem.

The application for temporary work visas is filled through the QIWA system. A company wanting to obtain multiple temporary work visas in Saudi Arabia can submit a bulk request amount of up to 50 temporary work visas at one time through QIWA.

What are the timelines for obtaining a temporary work visa in Saudi Arabia?

The timeline to process and obtain a temporary work visa Saudi Arabia is approximately 7 – 10 working days provided that all documents and correct information are provided. This timeline typically applies to applicants coming from other GCC countries. If you are applying for temporary work visas from outside the GCC, contact us and we can give you a better estimate on timelines to obtain the visa.

Who does the Saudi temporary work visa most appeal to? 

The temporary work visa Saudi Arabia will be useful for many industries but it may specifically appeal to companies in the events industry as well as contracting and engineering firms, or any company with project work imminent. 

How can Sovereign PRO Partner Group assist?

PRO Partner Group has assisted clients in obtaining bulk temporary work visas in Saudi Arabia. We can assist with the full visa application process including obtaining the appropriate documents, document attestation work and submissions. Our PRO team on the ground in Saudi can guide you through the visa, immigration, and human resources requirements for the Saudi temporary work visa. Contact us for further assistance and support.

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