How to obtain a Certificate of Origin (COO) in the UAE | PRO Partner Group

How to obtain a Certificate of Origin (COO) in the UAE | PRO Partner Group

- Jonathan Kelly

What is a Certificate of Origin (COO)?

A certificate of origin is a document which provides information about the origin of the goods being exported including the place of production and country of origin. This document is used for international trade to authenticate the origin of the exported goods. This document is important because the customs authorities in the importing country may require it as a condition for allowing the goods to be imported.

A government department or a chamber of commerce issues the certificate of origin. The exporter or the manufacturer can request this document, and it needs to be provided to the importer before the goods are shipped. The certificate of origin may include the country of goods origin, contact details of the exporter, contact details of the importer and a description of the goods.

A certificate of origin can prevent imported goods from being subject to any additional taxes or duties. It is also an essential document for compliance purposes and helps to ensure that the goods meet the necessary regulations and standards.

To obtain a Certificate of Origin in the UAE, you will need to follow these 4 essential steps:

  1. Submit the required documents: In general, for the UAE you will need to provide a commercial invoice, packing list, bill of lading, copy of factory invoice and any other relevant documents.
  2. Apply online: You can apply for the Certificate of Origin online through the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry's (DCCI) e-Services portal or through the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry's (ADCCI) website.
  3. Submit the application: Once you have completed the application and paid the fee, you will need to submit the application along with the required documents to the relevant Chamber of Commerce.
  4. Collect the certificate: After the application is processed, you can collect the Certificate of Origin from the relevant Chamber of Commerce.

Certificate of Origin (CoO) for Product Registration

A Certificate of Origin is required when businesses are registering their products in the UAE. It forms part of the document requirements for food and cosmetic product registration. 

The conditions in the UAE for obtaining a Certificate of Origin

The submitted information should be accurate and adhere to international and local export and re-export rules and regulations. 

  • The company should only export and re-export products and goods within the listed business activities on the company trade licence. 
  • The company should properly adhere to the customs requirements around the world with regards to export and re-export of goods. The company should be willing to provide any requested documents including factory licence, NOCs from government authorities etc.
  •  Permits to be obtained by authorities in the exporting and importing countries.
  • The exporting company must submit the manufacturer’s invoices and a valid factory license along with the application to the Chamber of Commerce when exporting products manufactured in the UAE.
  • Automatic approvals are not granted for companies shipping goods on behalf of another company. The shipping company must submit a power of attorney (POA) or a mandate for shipping the goods.
  • Automatic approvals are not granted for invoices exceeding AED5,000,000.
  • The company should be willing, if asked, to provide further documentation.
  • The relevant Chamber (Dubai Chamber or Abu Dhabi Chamber) will regularly review approved documentation. The chamber has the right to cancel an application and notify the company to update any errors or mistakes in data submitted.
  • If the data entry is incorrect or errors occur, or the company breaches the terms and conditions of the application, the Chamber has the right to suspend approvals.
  • The Company are required to ensure they are legally liable for issuing the COO.
  • Services are only granted commercial companies who have a valid chamber membership.

To note: There is a misconception but free zone companies can obtain a Certificate of Origin. 

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