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How do I register with NAFIS in the UAE?

To register your company with NAFIS you will have to follow the process set out via their website which includes

1. Registering using UAE Pass

2. Review business information

3. Verify the information. This will be done via an automatic eligibility check on the site

4. Apply to areas of interest

5. Submit job offers and training opportunities

PRO Partner Group can assist clients with NAFIS registration, we would only require proof of authorisation from our client on company letterhead, signed and stamped confirming the person logging in is authorised.

Is registration on the NAFIS system compulsory?

While companies are highly encouraged to be part of the NAFIS system. Registration is not compulsory.

Can I get a ICV certificate without registering with NAFIS?

The in-country value certificate (ICV certificate) is a certificate which is issued to certified suppliers evaluating their contribution to the local economy.

The Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MoIAT), has made it mandatory to register for NAFIS before an ICV certificate can be issued.

What incentives are offered to companies that join the NAFIS programme?

NAFIS offers a number of incentives which reduce the financial burden of taking on new employees and aid in the selection of the right talent. These include:

  • A subsidised five-year government paid contribution towards the cost of pension plans for Emirati staff and full support for the Emirati’s contribution for the first five years of their employment.
  • A child allowance scheme consisting of a monthly grant made to the Emirati staff of up to AED 800 per child up to a maximum of AED 3,200 per month.
  • An apprentice programme and salary support scheme.
  • Upskilling Emirati nationals with educational degrees to meet the private sector’s skill requirements

Does NAFIS apply to all sectors?

Nafis initiatives cover all sectors and fields within private sector.

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