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Why should you outsource your HR function?

Employees are at the centre of every business. People professionals (Human Resources) take care of the life cycle and employee experience, helping align personal and operational goals for an organisation’s success.

Outsourcing your HR Functions with PRO Partner Group allows:

  • Managers to save time to focus on core business activities.
  • Reduced expenses – Outsourcing your HR requirements is cost effective as it means no employee expenses.
  • Expertise in local legislation and labour laws

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HR Services PRO Partner Group provide

PRO Partner Group HR Services have been developed with one goal in mind - to enable our clients to focus on their company set up and core business activities. Our dedicated team of experts offer professional HR services that are completely customised to individual company requirements and include: 

Recruitment & Selection

Sourcing talent for a company is arguably one of the most important elements of business operations and should be taken very seriously.

There are many things that can be put in place to help find the right employees for your business.

  • Construct a recruitment and selection policy
  • Identify requirements and expectations for the role
  • Market research on role and salary bench margin
  • Interview preparation on techniques and questions
  • Creating and aligning competencies
  • Assisting with pre-screening and organisation of interviews

Hiring & Onboarding

Onboarding is a time-consuming process in the UAE/GCC region. As expats require employment visas, labour contracts and medical insurance as part of the onboarding process. A formal HR process should be followed to ensure the necessary checks are being made before spending the time and money on an employee.

PRO Partner Group will assist with managing the hiring and onboarding process of employees as per the company structure.

  • Companies should obtain a minimum of two reference checks
  • Assistance with creating an induction plan
  • Obtaining necessary documents for employment visa and health insurance
  • Unemployment Insurance set up in UAE

Employment Contracts

Under the Limited Contract with Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) companies have the option of four different working schedules (full time, part time, flexible, temporary).

Along with the labour contract issued by the MOHRE companies must have an internal employment contract that specifies the employees’ benefits, working hours, the companies code of conduct, compliance, data protection and other crucial information that the employee is obligated to follow or know to perform their role.

The internal employment contract must reference the local labour law. PRO Partner Group can assist with:

  • Employment contract template drafting for UAE Labour Law
  • Employment contract review

HR Policies & Template Letters

Templates build the foundation of a company. They protect both the employer and employee by highlighting expectations and legal requirements.

There are HR templates that all companies in the UAE will require:

  • Job Offer Letter
  • NOC
  • Salary Certificate
  • Probation Review
  • Warning Letter
  • Termination

Policies all companies should consider:

  • Employee Regulations/Handover
  • Health & Safety
  • Disciplinary & Grievance
  • Discrimination & Harassment
  • Whistleblowing
  • Training and Development

PRO Partner Group can create tailored templates and booklets based on the clients’ requirements.

Training & Development

Offering training and development will enable companies to not only attract and retain staff but assist in the growth and development of current employees. PRO Partner Group can assist with:

  • Creating training and development plans for employees
  • Finding training solutions in the UAE
  • Implementing a training matrix

Performance Management

Managing people also means managing their performance. PRO Partner Group can assist with:

  • Appraisal templates
  • KPI and goal setting templates
  • Assistance with implementing performance management structures

Compensation, Benefits and Salary Benchmarking

Surveys show that 85% of people move jobs because of compensation and benefits. Employers are always looking for the best solutions to attract and retain staff. As the UAE continues to be a popular location for professional talent, it is important that employers offer employee benefit programmes/ incentives in a highly competitive environment.

  • Compensation and benefit review
  • Market review on what other companies are offering in the same industry
  • Salary benchmarking for the industry
  • Implementing salary bands
  • Staff Pension options available in the UAE
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Job Evaluation and grading structures
  • Detailed renumeration design
  • Compensation surveys and benchmarking
  • Total rewards strategy
  • Short- and long-term incentive plans

­Leave Management

Assistance with setting up an easy and efficient online leave management system to allow employees to log annual leave, work from home days, business trips, sick leave, maternity leave, holidays and other types of leave. Online systems are efficient and allow you to generate employee leave reports.

Payroll Management

Our experienced team will ensure that all your payroll and employment obligations are met and that your organisation complies with the Wage Protection System (WPS). PRO Partner Group payroll management offering includes:

  • Preparing and issuing pay slips
  • Wage Protection System (WPS) registration
  • WPS payment through UAE Exchange or Banks

Disciplinary, Grievance & Termination

It is important to follow the legislation and ensure you have the correct framework policies in place when it comes to disciplinary, grievances and termination.

  • Drafting policies
  • Advising on case-to-case situations
  • Assist with offboarding an employee

End of Service & Gratuity Calculations

An End of Service Benefit also known as Final Settlement is the amount paid to an expatriate employee within the private sector who has resigned, retired or has been terminated from the company. The settlement includes but is not limited to:

  • Unprocessed salary
  • Gratuity calculations UAE, Gratuity calculations Qatar and wider GCC
  • Accrued annual leave or a deduction for over taken annual leave
  • Notice period pay if applicable
  • Repatriation flight if applicable

Other factors to consider when doing a final settlement payment is unpaid leave as this affects the working days in the total employment period, loans or training commitments, flight allowance, yearly bonuses and or commission and any other benefits or compensation listed in the offer letter and employment contract.

Neither the employee nor employer can end their employment contract without serving the notice listed in their Labour Contract unless mutually agreed. The employer has the option to place the employee on garden leave or pay the notice out in full.

How do PRO Partner Group HR Services work?

PRO Partner Group HR services can be tailored to be able to adapt and grow with your businesses needs and can encompass any number of the above listed services. 

There are two available options:

Retainer Basis

  • A retainer which is based on an hourly fee
  • On a case to case basis
  • This option is ideal for clients who need adhoc requirements/ additional support 

HR Manager

  • Fixed monthly fee based on services required
  • This option is ideal for clients who require all HR Services to be outsourced

Speak to our PRO Partner Group HR team to help you assess which services you need to make sure your business remains compliant with all HR requirements and to support the continued success of your business in the GCC region. 

Download our below free guide on HR services and Labour Law requirements in Dubai: 

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